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Average fuel economy still terrible after 92 years

On-Road Fuel Economy of Vehicles in the United States: 1923-2015 (Sivak and Schoettle)The past century has brought an onslaught of innovation. Don’t believe it? Try to imagine modern life without television, the internet, microwaves, or social media. But despite those and other technological advances, one thing hasn’t changed too much: the distance that cars can travel on one gallon of gasoline. To prove that point, Michael Sivak…
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Elon Musk May Clean House In China Following Tesla’s Terrible January Sales

The Chinese government dreams of highways and byways filled with zero-emission electric cars. Chinese drivers, however, don’t share that vision — at least not if Tesla Motors’ January sales stats are any indication. According to numerous reports, Tesla’s poor performance in China has made CEO Elon Musk hoppin’ mad, and he’s threatening to hand…

10 Terrible Supercars: They Should Have Aimed for “Good” Before “Super”

10 Worst Supercars

OK, let’s role-play. Your name is Wentworth Chesterton Moneybags XII, and you can afford any vehicle in the world. Your heart is set on something rare, something fast, and something exotic; only a supercar will scratch your platinum-plated itch. It doesn’t even matter which one you choose—it says “super” right there in the name! It’s guaranteed vehicular awesomeness, right? Wrong, Wentles. History is littered with supercars whose builders ought to have concentrated on building a good car before aiming for the automotive pantheon—witness our alphabetical list of the most lamentable supercars of all time. Warning: Some sacred cows are about to be tipped. READ MORE ››

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