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Report: Roughly two-thirds of Takata recall vehicles still need airbag fix

Inflated airbagThe infamous Takata recall still looms over the industry and the latest report from John Buretta, the independent monitor overseeing the recalls for the Justice Department, shows that a majority of impacted vehicles haven’t been repaired. In what already stands as the largest recall in automotive industry, as of mid-September over 20 million…
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2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0T and 2.2D Euro-Spec: Does It Still Excite with Weaker Engines?

The more mountainous parts of Italy have previously offered inspiration to those hard-working marketeers responsible for naming new models, but it’s been a while since the muse struck. The Ford Cortina and the Triumph Dolomite, however, have been joined by a new Italian in the shape of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, an SUV that’s named after Italy’s highest and most famous Alpine pass. We finally got to find out how appropriate the association is. READ MORE ››

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Deathwatch, continued: Faraday Future still stalled in the desert

Faraday Future FF 91Why do we like to watch some companies fail and not others? It usually comes down to the size of their ambitions: the bigger they are, the better the show. That’s why the implosion of brash, boastful Faraday Future has been so fascinating. New details about Faraday don’t suggest that it’s folding or filing for bankruptcy–not yet, anyway. But they…
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