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Driving Down The Costs Of Being Behind The Wheel

Driving is a wonderful thing that opens up new possibilities in a whole host of life aspects, but it does come at a cost. Most drivers would agree that the expenses are the one major downside to owning a car, and those overheads aren’t limited to buying the vehicle after.   

The costs of daily journeys are enough to cause ongoing headaches, so finding ways to reduce the strain should be top of your agenda. Of course, buying a used car or getting the cheapest insurance quote will help. In truth, though, the operational running overheads should be your main concern. Here’s how you can make your money work harder.



 Choose The Right Vehicle

Everyone has their dream vehicle. If money is a concern, however, it’s vital that you make a practical decision. Buying a cheaper model suited to your family or business needs is one thing. However, you also need to think about the engine size. These modest vehicles are still enjoyable to drive. However, the real smiles come from seeing your bank balance avoid a battering.

 Some people genuinely need a 4×4 or a larger vehicle for their activities. If you can survive comfortably with a lighter car that needs less horsepower, you should. If nothing else, it’s great for the environment too.

 Maintain Vehicle Health

A healthy car isn’t only a safer and more comfortable ride; it’s also a more cost-effective one. Therefore, it’s imperative that you act upon those seemingly minor issues immediately. When you do, you’ll find that performances improve. Better still, it can prevent those problems snowballing into something even worse, which will save you, even more, cash in the long run.

Even the simple jobs like topping up the fluids and tire air pressure will make a world of difference. Above all else, adopting those positive habits can encourage improvements elsewhere.



 Improve Fuel Efficiency   

The general performance of the car is vital, but you must also pay special attention to the fuel. After all, this is your greatest and most common operational expense. Using the best injector cleaner products will ensure your gas works harder, meaning you’ll save money overall. Likewise, premium gas can be worth the extra money, particularly when your vehicle is a few years old.

Once again, your habits have a huge influence too. If your filling station is having new fuel pumped into its tanks, avoid using it for a few hours. Otherwise, you’ll end up with debris from the bottom of the tank being pumped into your car.

 Think About Your Trips  

Many factors influence the efficiency of your driving habits. Ultimately, though, using the car too much in an unsuitable fashion is the biggest mistake you could make. Firstly you want to avoid sitting in heavy traffic If changing the route or time of journey can aid you, it’s imperative that you take advantage.   

Rather than breaking your chores into several trips, try doing them all at once. This is because the engine will stay warm for greater efficiency. Finally, arranging carpools can work wonders too.


5 Reasons Why Having A Mechanic In The Family Is Awesome



Owning a car can be great for your own personal freedom, but it’s hard not to admit that it does come at a price. Not only do you have a fork out a lot of money for the car in the first place, but you’ve always got costs that keep on popping up. And then there’s the price that isn’t the monetary kind. The maintenance. You can often feel like you’re always heading to the auto shop – unless you have a mechanic in the family of course. Because when you have a mechanic in the family, it can be pretty awesome indeed!

You Know How To Change A Flat

How many people know how to change a flat? And how many people could actually get out there on the side of the road and change a flat when it needs to be changed? Well, when you have a car mechanic in the family, you 100% can. What other choice do you have? Whether they’re your brother or your aunt, you’ll find that you’re forced to learn how to do it – for safety reasons, of course!

Your Repairs Are Done Super Fast

You might be able to change a flat, but that might be all you can do. But don’t sweat it, your family auto star has got you covered. Whether your car needs a new part for the engine, or a little tuning, you always know that it’s going to get done super fast. Because your mechanic is going to get to work in the evening or at the weekend and get it done. They really are a super star.

Your Super Old Car Lives Forever

When you have a mechanic close to you, you often know just how to keep your car in good shape – or at least they do. Looking after your old car isn’t always easy, but with expert tips from your auto star, you can just about make it happen. Not only will they guide you, but they’ll definitely be there to keep your car running well, and help it to last a lot longer than it should.

You Actually Take Care Of The Interior

How often do you clean the inside of your car? When you’ve got empty takeout containers left from days ago, and endless bottles of water, it’s probably not going to be that how. But, when you have a mechanic in the family, you can bet that your car interior is super clean. Cleaning your car interior sometimes seems like a lot of work, but with your auto drill sergeant, you’re definitely too scared to let it get messy and be told of for not taking care of it better.

You Save Money

And of course, there’s also the benefit of saving money on the full price auto shop prices that you were once used to. When you have a mechanic in the family, they often cut the cost of labor, and they will charge you cost price for the parts you need. It may cost you an afternoon of baking treats for them, or a pair of tickets or two, but it’s totally worth it.


Unique Ways to Save Money on Your Vehicle Running Costs

We’ve all heard of the simple ways to save money on your vehicle. Things such as driving safely to save fuel, keeping tires at the right pressure, giving it plenty of maintenance checks and so forth. However, there are some other clever ways to save money on your vehicle that a lot of people miss out on. For whatever reason, it feels like common sense sometimes escapes us, and driving is one of those areas of life where common sense isn’t all too common. So in order to help you save a bit more money on your vehicle operating costs, here are a couple of useful and unique tips to follow.


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Make friends with your mechanic

Have you ever considered that your clueless nature about vehicles is costing you money? Mechanics that overcharge you are more common than you think, and it’s best to actually make friends with them to prevent this. Whenever you take your vehicle in, be sure to put on a happy face and a smile to attract their attention. Be approachable, don’t sound like a know-it-all, and give them plenty of reason to keep you as a customer. However, if you realise that they’re ripping you off (doing a bit of research and shopping around for quotes helps), avoid them like the plague and steer your friends clear from the fraudsters. If possible, visit a reputable auto repair garage to reduce the possibility of being overcharged—it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run!

Don’t use your car

This sounds silly, but it’s a point that actually needs to be made. If a trip to the grocery store is a 5-minute walk versus a 30-second drive, then always walk. Not only do you need to look for parking spaces and spend money on fuel, you’ll also get a bit of exercise when you walk to the store. Relying too much on your vehicle is never a good idea, so mix it up a little and try to use public transport, a bicycle or your own legs to get from point A to B. If you have a hybrid or electric car, then you’ll make more savings by making shorter trips on just the electricity mode.


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Fewer trips

Another way to save money on running costs is to actually take fewer trips. Carpool in the mornings if you have a large family and try to plan your driving day in advance if possible. For instance, if you’re in town when your kids get off from school, then have a coffee and do some shopping before picking up your children instead of driving home then driving back to get them.

Keep your car in your garage

One of the most expensive aspects of insurance is safety and security. If you don’t keep your car stored in a safe location when it’s not in use, then insurance companies will take noticed and charge you more for insurance because the vehicle isn’t in a safe place. Instead of keeping it out in your driveway, store it in the garage and watch your insurance costs go down.