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Racing Safety Tips: How To Avoid Track Day Catastrophes

Going out on the track and racing a vehicle for the first time can become somewhat of a nail biting experience. However, it’s guaranteed to create a lot of adrenaline and get the heart pumping. Anyone who wants to engage in a pastime of that nature needs to take safety seriously. With that in mind, some basic tips on this page should help drivers to avoid injury. In most instances, track inspectors will assess a vehicle to ensure it meets their standards. Still, that isn’t always the case when arranging a track day with a small establishment. So, use this information wisely!


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ALWAYS wear a seatbelt

Using a belt might sound like obvious advice. However, lots of racing drivers fail to follow that most basic of procedures. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what can happen if the driver isn’t secured in their seat. When crashes happen, people in the driver’s seat could sustain many life-changing injuries. That is the last thing anyone wants, and so it’s vital that belts are fixed in place before the key goes into the ignition. It’s also worth investing in some advanced belt technology if the individual plans to race regularly. Harnesses tend to provide better protection than the devices that come as standard on most cars.

Important seatbelt fact: 75% of drivers who don’t wear a belt and become ejected from the vehicle during a crash won’t survive.

NEVER ignore track conditions

Lots of people make the mistake of overlooking the weather conditions when they plan to race. Unfortunately, not even the best car accident lawyer would succeed in gaining compensation if something goes wrong. Drivers who use race tracks forfeit their usual protections under the law. That means motorists will have to cover the full costs of any damage or injuries that might occur. With that in mind, it’s sensible to check weather reports before leaving home and keep a close eye on the conditions. Never drive as fast when the track is wet as you would when it’s dry. Use some common sense!


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Keep a safe distance from other drivers

It’s tempting for drivers to get too close to other vehicles when taking part in track races. That tends to happen on corners when one motorist might try to overtake another. Unless the car is fitted with a roll cage and other safety equipment, it’s sensible to keep a safe distance. The slightest contact could flip either driver’s vehicle over and leave them with severe injuries. Until people gain a lot of experience in the racing field, it’s wise to overtake on the flat as much as possible.

Drivers who follow that basic safety guidance should stand a decent chance of enjoying their time on the track. The important thing to remember is there is no need to become too competitive. Only professional racers who earn a substantial income from the sport can warrant taking too many risks. Amateurs like most of the people reading this post should put their safety first. Good luck!


Four Countries Where Driving Is Dangerous

Sometimes driving in your own neighborhood can be a nightmare; bad drivers, roadworks, and traffic can take a joyful experience of freedom and turn it into a stressful chore. However, you might look at your daily commute to work differently once you read about the most dangerous countries to drive. These might make you reconsider hiring a rental car at certain destinations.

Dominican Republic


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When looking to book a holiday in one of the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic is definitely worth considering. From white water rafting, whale watching, and waterfall climbing to ecotourism, parasailing, surfing, and windsurfing, there is no end to the offerings of this small island located on the path of the sun. However, it’s definitely a place where you should get around by public transport, or on foot. According to the 2015 Global Status Report on Road Safety, 29 out of 100,000 people die in road accidents in the Dominican Republic. The causes are usually driving while drunk enough to need a DUI lawyer, making sudden lane changes without signaling properly, and not paying attention to stop signs. This Caribbean nation definitely belongs on your vacation bucket list, but you should save money by not hiring a rental car for the duration of your trip.


Whether you’re looking for a healing yoga retreat on the island of Koh Samui, or you want to explore everything Bangkok has to offer, Thailand features on the bucket list of many seasoned travelers. However, driving is not something anyone wants to do. Speeding, drunk driving, and rarely enforced road laws are some of the most common reasons for the high number of accidents in the country. When you also factor in that there are no formal audits for road construction projects, and existing road infrastructures are not currently inspected, it’s no wonder Thailand’s fatality rate is in the upper 30s per 100,000 inhabitants.


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Budapest is relatively cheap for a capital city, with affordable food, drink, and many of the city’s famous sights are totally free to visit, such as the Fisherman’s Bastion and Chain Bridge. Hungary’s famous thermal baths are definitely worth a visit, and the scenery and architecture is just gorgeous. However, Hungary is another country where public transport is the best way of getting around. Hungarians don’t usually follow speed limits, and the roads all vary in quality so driving might not be an enjoyable activity regardless. Foreign drivers get especially confused because Hungary has a law where you must yield to the person on your right. The last thing you want is to accidentally break a traffic law, because the strict traffic laws could see you face up to five years in prison.

UK vs the world

The UK might be one of the safest countries to drive in, but foreign drivers are thrown for a loop when driving on the wrong side of the road, and the wrong side of the car. The same goes for UK residents driving anywhere else in the world.


Reasons Not To Drink And Drive

There here are no reasons to DUI. Literally none. Drinking and driving is a needlessly stupid thing to do. There is always an alternative to DUI. it’s illegal for a reason. If you’re driving drunk, then you may as well say “I’m too special for the law to apply to me. I know it’s there for a reason, but why should I have to follow it? I’m taking needless risks with my own life, as well as that of everyone around me.” In 2015, 29 percent of all car crashes in the US were a direct result of drunk driving, with teenagers being the worst offenders.  When you factor in how few people drink drive, that 29 percent looks very scary.


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Bad driving

The major reason as to why you shouldn’t drink and drive is because alcohol slows your reaction times and affects your coordination. It also makes people more confident and foolhardy, which isn’t conducive to safe driving. This means that you’re more likely to drive faster, take unnecessary risks, and react to things more slowly than usual. When travelling fast, half a second could make the difference between stopping safely and hitting something.

Increases crashing risk

DUI is a bit like Russian Roulette. Sure, it might be fine. But you’re also much more likely to have a crash. Maybe you’ll run into a tree, and the only damage will be to you or your car. But you can’t guarantee that. You’re just as likely to hit someone else’s car (opening up a whole world of criminal litigation against you) as you are a tree or a fence. But of course, you could hit something living. Maybe it’ll be a dog, or, worse, something big like a deer. However, it could be a child running out into the road, and all of a sudden, you’ll wish you had that extra half a second to react.


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If you get caught driving with too much alcohol in your bloodstream, you could lose your licence. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You could end up paying huge fines, for one thing. However, there’s an equally high risk of you ending up in jail: not just for weeks or months, but in some situations, years. The expensive way to try and avoid this would be to hire a DUI lawyer. The cheap way to avoid any of this happening, would, of course, be not to drive drunk in the first place. Of course, if you crash, but don’t kill anyone, then you run the risk of injury and permanent disability. Your car’s crash protection isn’t flawless. You could end up with severe injuries to your brain or spine, as well as burns or loss of limbs. DUI is simply not worth it.

So, if you ever get tempted to drive whilst drunk, remember this article. Think about what might happen. Don’t take a selfish, needless gamble. Don’t make yourself live with horrible consequences. Don’t become part of the 29 percent of car accidents.