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Alert, Ready & Reactive: How to be All Three on the Road

Do you stay fully alert and ready to react to what’s going on around when you’re on the road? The answer to that question for most people is no. Yes, we remain alert mostly. But few people take extra steps to make themselves more alert, more ready and more reactive when they’re driving. There are some things you can do to make that happen, though. Read on to find out for yourself the steps that need to be taken.

Banish In-Car Distractions

This is always the very first step that should be taken when you are trying to be more alert and focused on the road. By getting rid of any of the things that could distract you while you’re driving, you make sure that your focus remains on the road and what’s happening around you at all times. Things like phones and other gadgets distract us more than ever. This is something that needs to be battled against if you want to stay safe and secure while driving. Your phone should be off and out of reach when you’re behind the wheel.


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Be Aware of the Threats Posed by the Vehicles Around You

You need to know what other vehicles on the road are doing and what kind of a threat they pose to you. Things like large vehicles can have blind spots, and you can get hit by them if you’re not careful. If that happens to you, you can speak to a truck accident attorney. But it’s always better to remain focused on the road and the task at hand. Of course, you have to find a way to stay alert to these threats while also remaining focused on your own driving. It can be done but you have to be careful.

Always Get the Rest You Need

Being rested is essential if you want to drive your car in the proper and safe way. This is something that you should try to keep in mind at all times. If you get behind the wheel of your car while you’re tired, you will find it much harder to stay alert and in control of your car. If you’re really tired, you even run the risk of falling asleep. It’s worth stopping and getting some sleep if you notice that you’re starting to get really tired. It’s the safe and proper thing to do, and it could prevent you from getting involved in an accident, so don’t neglect this.

Improve Your Mirrors

Lastly, think about your mirrors. It’s impossible to look after your car and stay alert on the road if you are not using your mirrors in the correct way. They help you to see what is going on around your car and behind it. You can improve your mirrors by tweaking them, making sure that they are always positioned correctly for you and keeping them clean. It can also be a good idea to invest in extenders that allow your mirrors to see more of what’s happening around your car. You can then be alert to everything that could cause you problems while driving.


The Best Safety Features On Today’s Roads


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These days, cars come with all kinds of techie bells and whistles. Some of these are genuinely useful and practical, whereas others are useless gimmicks. However, one thing we literally can’t get enough of is safety features. With airbags and emergency braking now becoming universal standards, manufacturers are pushing towards new frontiers of vehicle safety. Here are some of the recent technologies that are making our roads safer…

Blind Spot Detection

On the surface, blind spot detection is a pretty simple feature. It’s basically just a light on your wing mirror that blinks whenever a vehicle or other object is in your blind spot. In some cars, it also gives out an auditory alert so that you know not to change lanes just yet. As simple as the concept is, this is a real game changer for vehicle safety. Countless fatal car accidents are caused by improper lane changing. We’re sure you can think of at least one time where you’ve gone to change lanes, only to suddenly jerk back when you suddenly realize there was a car in your blind spot. This will also avoid any incidents involving cyclists and pedestrians somewhere outside your field of vision.

Rear-View Cameras

This is another remarkably simple feature, and comes as standard in many cars these days. If you’ve been driving with the help of a rear-view camera for long enough, it might be pretty mind-boggling to think about how we managed to get by before this tech hit the market. Seeing everything behind you on a screen is incredibly handy for getting out of tight parking spaces, and saves you from hitting anyone or anything as you reverse out of your driveway. The government recognizes the value of this, and in 2014, the NHTSA made rear-visibility tech mandatory for all new vehicles, effective May 2018.

Lane-Keeping Assist

Here’s another piece of tech designed to cut down on the amount of accidents caused by poor lane changing. When it’s activated, lane-keeping assist technology will stop you from drifting off into another driver’s lane. Cameras detect the lane markings in order to keep you in the center of yours. If the system detects that you’re straying too far to the left or the right markings, it will subtly adjust your steering and get your car back into the proper position.

Heads-Up Displays

One of the things that makes driving inherently dangerous is that you’re constantly having to glance away from the road, and look down at a phone or an infotainment system to check your map. This is not only irritating, but extremely dangerous as well. However, increasingly common heads-up displays are gradually phasing this problem out, by projecting navigation information onto the windshield, right in front of your eyes. With this tech in place, you’ll never have take your eyes off the road even for a fraction of a second. This may sound trivial, but in high-risk situations, a moment is all it takes to turn a drive into a potentially fatal catastrophe!


Driving Big: Tips for Behind the Wheel of a Truck

You may well have been driving a car for as long as you can remember and know everything that there is to know. However, when you get behind the wheel of a truck, it can turn into a whole different ball game. Though the basic principles remain the same, maneuvering a vehicle of that size around can be an intimidating prospect. Obviously, you need to obtain another license to show that you are road ready. But, here is a bit of general advice if you are planning to drive a truck for the first time.


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Brake Sooner

One of the first things you will probably notice is just how long it takes to actually stop the thing! Though you will probably not be gathering the same amount of speed as in a car, you need to have your wits about you so you give yourself plenty of time to stop. This means anticipating hazards way in advance. If you happen to be carrying a big load, you need to begin the whole braking procedure even sooner.

Wider Turns

Taking into account the size of the vehicle that is now under your control, you need to take wider turns to avoid clipping curbs or crashing into anything else on the side of the road. If you do happen to cause any damage, you will need to go to some qualified truck specialists like Ryan Repairs. Ultimately, this is probably one of the things that will feel the most strange if you are used to driving a car.

You Won’t Accelerate Quickly


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Spotting gaps in the traffic becomes a different proposition altogether when you are driving a large vehicle. Remember that you will accelerate at a snail’s pace, so you will need to make extra allowances when you are coming out into lanes of traffic. This becomes even more difficult if you are trying to go uphill! Again, it is all about getting used to your vehicle and knowing exactly what it is capable of.

Get Used to the Height

One of the nice parts about driving a truck is that you are much higher on the road so you can take a sweeping view of what is out in front of you. However, make sure you are well aware of the actual height of your truck so you don’t attempt to go under any low bridges – you don’t want to star in your own disaster movie!

Adjust All the Mirrors

Of course you are supposed to adjust all the mirrors before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle but when you are driving a truck, this becomes doubly important. You need to make sure that you have as much visibility as possible or you could end up getting yourself into some seriously dangerous situations.

Take Your Time Making Maneuvers


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Reversing and making other maneuvers is extremely difficult when you are in a truck so make sure you take your time. Try to get the support of someone else if possible.