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5 Tips For Taking a Long Road Trip

Summer is here, and soon there’s going to be plenty of people packing up their car with all the necessary driving snacks and drinks, ready to put their months of preparation into practice. With a route firmly in place, they’ll load themselves and their families into the car and head off in pursuit of adventures yet unknown. The open road awaits! Still, there are some necessary details to take care of before the adventure can begin. Below, we offer five tips to ensure that your road trip runs as smoothly as possible.


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Readying the Car

Before you go anywhere or do anything, you need to make sure your car is fit for purpose. You won’t just be driving around your nice suburban roads anymore! You’ll be clocking up hundreds of miles, and may be driving through terrain that your car hasn’t yet experienced. Have a mechanic check that everything is as it should be with your engine. If your tires are looking a bit worn, get a new set from a company like Wiltshire Tyres. Your windscreen wipers also need to be in perfect working order. If your car is in tip-top condition, then you’re less likely to run into issues when you’re on the road.

Packing the Vehicle

How much you take with you will depend on how long your road trip is, whether you’re camping or staying in hotels, and so on. Still, there’ll always be a temptation to overpack your car. This can add a lot of weight, however, and when people are on board, you might discover you can barely move in your car. Pack the essentials, of course, but leave out anything that can be bought on the road: you don’t, for instance, have to pack every single thing you want to eat. That’s what pit-stops are for!

Driving Smart

The biggest danger on the road isn’t how healthy your car is: it’s your driving. You need to be a smart driver when you’re going on a long road trip. Don’t drive for too many hours at a time. Take a lot of breaks, and switch out the driving responsibilities often. Also, don’t insist on keeping to a schedule. There’ll be times when you can’t go as fast as you’d like, or hit you traffic, and it’s stupid to try to make up the time by going faster than you feel comfortable.

Emergency Ready

You should always be prepared for an emergency. Breaking down in the middle of the night could be dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re properly prepared. Have a few extra blankets, bottles of water, a first aid kit, and a light handy. If you have the essentials, you’ll be able to ride it out until you can get help.

Be Flexible

Having a plan is good, but be flexible. You never know what can happen on the road, and it might be better if you’re flexible with your plans. So long as you’re having fun, who cares if you don’t reach every tourist highlight on the route?

Usa Road Road Trip Route 66 Country Wide Highway

The Broke Man’s Guide To A Broke-Ass Road Trip

Usa Road Road Trip Route 66 Country Wide Highway

Usa Road Road Trip Route 66 Country Wide Highway


‘Road trip? This summer? Count me in! Oh, wait, hang on a minute – I can’t afford it because I’m broke!’

It is amazing how many people respond like this when the opportunity of hitting the road rears its head. Unfortunately, most of us can’t drop everything and get behind the wheel because we don’t have the cash. It’s annoying, but road trips are pretty expensive, so money is essential. Or is it?

Yes, money helps, but does it mean we can’t have one of the best experiences of our life because we’re broke? No, the truth is that anyone without the necessary funds can go; they just have to follow these tips. Safe travels!

Get A Cheap Rental

The car is the biggest expense, and cars don’t come cheap. But, there is no need to buy one because rentals are everywhere. Depending on the location of the trip, the area will be full of dealerships that are dying to rent a car. They want to take advantage of the influx of road trippers, and they will offer the best prices as a result. Sure, it isn’t always the best idea if the deal isn’t a good one, but shoppers can look around for the best prices. Also, give the contract a lot of attention because no one wants a massive bill at the end of the trip.

Buy Second Hand

A rental is cool, but it is restricting. When we hit the open road, we want to feel the wind in our hair, hear the music blasting from the speakers, and embrace the freedom. It’s impossible to do that when we have to worry about the car. A car that isn’t a rental, then, is an excellent option. So many other road trippers think ‘I will sell my broken car that no one wants,’ which means there’s plenty on the market. Don’t worry about the term ‘broken’ either. The car will need some work – it is an occupational hazard of a road trip – but a mechanic isn’t too expensive.

Share A Motor

Sites like Zipcar and getaround.com are awesome for those of us that want a cheap motor. Why? It’s because they are car-sharing sites, and they are perfect for keeping the price down. Although it sounds a little naïve, residents of towns and cities are willing to offer their car for a few days for a small price. It might not take up the entire road trip, but it’s possible to do it in a variety of places across a big number of countries. The overall cost is so much cheaper than a traditional lease.

Don’t Take A Car

Anyone ever wanted to hitchhike? Well, now is a perfect time to tick it off the bucket list! Because cars cost so much, it is a good idea not to pay for one. Stupid as it sounds (road trip, duh!), it works because other drivers will pick up hitchhikers and drop them off at their destination. Of course, there is an element of risk, so please be careful. But, as long as no one travels alone, everything should work out fine.

Hopefully, these car tips won’t stop you from hitting the road when the opportunity arises.