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2018 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS: The High-Country Sports Car

-If you’ve driven along the edge of Donner Lake in Truckee, California, anytime in the past 15 years, you’ve noticed that turbocharged, all-wheel-drive automobiles parked along the side of the road aren’t exactly an uncommon sight. The Euer Saddle, marked as Donner Summit on I-80, sits at an elevation of 7239 feet and the lake itself at 5936. To the south, Echo Summit on Highway 50 reaches 7382 feet, while the Carson Pass on State Route 88 hits 8574. Even Reno, just down the mountain—and the former home of Porsche’s North American arm—lies at a 4505-foot elevation, not a whole lot lower than Denver. Up there, forced induction is a must to maintain performance in the thin air. READ MORE ››

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2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Driven: Real Genius


The true genius of Porsche’s new GT3, the second coming of the model on the 991 platform, is that even a master will never fully exploit it. That’s the trait that defines the GT3, not just among Porsches but among the world’s best drivers’ cars. As a result, it engenders fascination like almost nothing else. No matter how hard it’s pushed, there’s still magic to be discovered in its responses, beauty in its feedback, joy in its abilities. This is a machine whetted on the mill of necessity and unencumbered by frippery. It is noise and feel and heat and speed wrapped into a physically absurd package then distilled beyond what its design merits. READ MORE ››

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An Icon, in Depth: 2017 Porsche 911


Porsche’s 911 needs little introduction. The teardrop-shaped sports car with the rear-mounted engine has defied vehicular convention since 1965, becoming a performance icon in the process. Even in entry-level Carrera guise, the 911 punches above its considerable price point in performance, and it’s achingly pretty as well as technically brilliant. The lineup includes two turbocharged flat-sixes; rear- and all-wheel drive; manual and dual-clutch-automatic transmissions; and coupe, cabriolet, and Targa body styles. READ MORE ››

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