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Which Pickup Should You Pick Up? Toyota Tundra vs The Nissan Frontier

Power and practicality are combined in many a pickup truck model, making them the perfect choice to breach the gap between a work vehicle that can also be used for play as well. Especially, as there are some that have some well kitted out and roomy interiors now. But should you go for a newer model like the Toyota Tundra or are you best off with a classic like the Nissan Frontier? It really depends on what you are looking for in terms of power, size and capacity. Read on to find out more.

Toyota Tundra


The Toyota Tundra is quick like 6.4 seconds to 0-60 quick. It also has a top speed of 108 mph not bad for a 5858 lb vehicle. Not bad at all! However, like any large truck if you are looking for fuel economy then you will be sorely disappointed with the Toyota Tundra only getting 13 MPG on most terrain. So expect to fill her up often.


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Another issue here is that the Toyota Tundra only has 6 speeds, whereas most new pickups are going with 10 these days. Something that may make you think twice before purchasing over others on the market.


The Toyota Tundra is something of a beast regarding size, capacity and towing load, making it a good choice for anyone that has to factor heavy transportation jobs into their buying process.With a 147.5 wheelbase, with optional sized pick up beds, it can carry up to 2000 lb as standard. Giving some of the medium-sized trucks that used for commercial purposes a decent run for their money.


Just because the Toyota Tundra is on the large side doesn’t mean it can’t hold it down on the style stakes as well with its chunky look, metallic paint options, and oversize front grill. Some may call this beast a bit dated but in reality, it’s a practical vehicle for practical folks that have a job that they need to get done, and it really doesn’t look too bad doing either. OK, it isn’t going to win any beauty contests if you compare it some of the more tricked-out options, but that shouldn’t necessarily go against it if you are considering buying.


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The Tundra’s interior is something that has been universally priced though. Especially because it’s so large and comfortable for all the passengers. Meaning you get the benefit of a vehicle that can transport a heavy load and seat multiple people. Unfortunately, the Tundra’s handling and the suspension does mean that despite the comfort of the cab, the ride can be a little bit bouncy. Especially, if she is loaded up with heavy items in the pickup bed. So she may not be the best option for longer trips.

It is also worth noting that the Toyota Tundra interior isn’t quite up to the standards of some of the higher end trucks on the market. That means, while it has a great infotainment system, and is generally well finished, it does lack some of the more luxuries finishes that you may find in the GMC Sierra 1500 or the Ford F-150. So, if you are spending $35K on a brand new of the forecourt truck, and the looks are a major consideration, you may want to reconsider this model.

Nissan Frontier


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The Nissan Frontier is known as something of a classic in pickup circles, being most prized by the folks that are looking for a steady workhorse that will serve them day to day. Rather than by those wanting something flashy that will impress their buddies by night. But how does it measure up to another leader in the pickup field the Tundra as discussed above?


Strangely the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tundra aren’t all that different in looks at first glance. There are even four-door options available for both. Like its competitor, the Nissan Frontier has a certain unstated brutal elegance, but it lacks the bells and whistles and sheer intimidating size that the Toyota Tundra has. Making it a slightly less impressive option that the Toyota Tundra in the looks department.  


Well, first of all, we have to mention the cost of the Nissan Frontier as compared to the Toyota Tundra. It’s just under half, with the Nissan Frontier basic model being just under $20,000, and the Toyota Tundra being around $34K, making the Nissan Frontier very appealing in the price stakes.


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Unfortunately, she is a little slower than the Tundra at 7.3 seconds to 0-60, although the fuel efficiency is around three miles to the gallon better than the Toyota Tundra 13 MPG. The Nissan Frontier being at 16 MPG, rising To 20 MPG on the motorway.


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The real strength though, of the Nissan Frontier lies in its off-road capabilities. Which is pretty effective for a mid range pick up. Meaning it’s a great choice if you have some challenging terrain to cover while transporting equipment and goods.


The Nissan Frontier has a load capacity of 1400 lb, which probably equates to around 1000 lb in a real-life situation, way less than the Toyota Tundra’s 2000 lb. This may not be a problem if you are using it for light to the medium transportation of items. But if you do have some especially heavy equipment to lug about, the Toyota Tundra, or a real truck like the ones you can search auctions online for may be a more sensible choice than the Nissan Frontier.


Unfortunately, the interior of the Nissan Frontier is somewhat dated with few upgrades making it to the 2017 model. Again this highlights the strength of this car as a practical buy rather than one that is going to impress your mates with soft-touch plastics and luxury trims. Although as the Toyota Tundra has also be critiqued for having a dated inside, it’s hard to pick between the two of them on this issue.

Passenger wise though, anyone opting for the Nissan Frontier is going to have a bit of a shock. It’s a medium-sized pick the length is shorter than the Toyota Tundra, meaning the cab is the most definition of the short variety, especially in the back. Something that’s much to run for passages, particularly on long journeys and marking the Toyota Tundra as a leader in this category.

So, if you want a basic medium-sized workhorse, the Nissan Frontier is the right choice. Although if you need a bit more brute force, space and capacity the Toyota Tundra is definitely the pick up you should pick up.

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