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5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Teen Driver



No parent is one hundred percent happy when their child starts to learn to drive; In fact, most parents are absolutely terrified by the concept. Most parents choose to teach their children to drive themselves, so as to ensure that they’re being safe. However, this could be a mistake if you’re not doing it right. If you make mistakes while teaching your child to drive, it could result in them failing their test, losing their license, or even crashing. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

Failing To Plan Your Drives

Planning your drives properly ahead of time will reduce the chance of your child of panicking and stressing due to the last minute nature of your lessons. Your child also needs to have a certain number of hours practice before their test, so planning these lessons out will ensure that you get all of the hours completed that are needed. Choose specific skills for your to learn or situations to deal with each lesson, and mix up the routes you take, so that your child has a well-rounded knowledge.

Losing Your Nerve

You’d be surprised how useful positive reinforcement and genuine support can be for your child’s confidence while driving. For this reason, you should make a point of praising your child whenever they make a good manoeuver or sound judgement. As well as this, you should also avoid going mad at them and freaking out whenever they do something they shouldn’t. Of course, you should let them know of their mistake, and explain to them how they should have done it instead, but shouting that they’re going to get you killed isn’t going to do any good. In fact, you may as well find an auto accident attorney now if this is going to be your reaction to mistakes.

Being A Passenger

You have to remember that, even though you’re sat in the passenger seat, and your child is in the driving seat, you are not a passenger; You are a teacher and an instructor. You have to avoid just sitting back and enjoying the ride because this isn’t going to help your child pass their driving test. Instead, give feedback on their driving, both good and bad, and don’t let your mind wander to things other than your child’s driving.

Bringing Up Other Issues

While you’re out driving with your child, you need to make sure that you’re focused on driving itself, and not any outside issues. It might be tempting to take this time away from the rest of the family to discuss chores, school grades, behaviour, or any other family issues, but this is sure to distract your child from their driving, which can be incredibly dangerous. Instead, encourage them to stay focused and keep their eye on the road, and talk through anything else later.

It can be scary and difficult teaching your own child to drive, but if you avoid making these mistakes, you’ll find it to be a much easier task.


A Car Buying Guide For Young First-Time Drivers

Throughout your life as a driver, you will go through the car purchasing process on several occasions. As with anything in life, experience should make you a more competent vehicle owner, leading to easier and smarter decisions. Unfortunately, that offers very little comfort when entering your first transaction.

Thankfully, this guide specifically for the first-time driver should put you on the road to successful ownership. Here’s all you need to know.



Prioritize Practicality

Most people have a dream car. Even if you can’t afford that $200,000 supercar, wanting the most attractive vehicle within your budget is only natural. However, you should always keep function and practicality at the top of your agenda. That’s why the Fiat 500 and other cars designed for new road users can be the perfect starting point for your research. Sadly, choosing the wrong model could see the benefits of being able to drive become very limited.

In truth, you are unlikely to keep your first car forever. Nonetheless, you will be driving this model for several years. Therefore, it’s important to consider the changes that may occur in that time. Of course, those long-term thoughts shouldn’t cloud your immediate needs.  Meanwhile, the climate of your geographic location may have a big influence too.

This is the car that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you want those memories to be positive, taking the smart and practical route is imperative.   

Go Used

Throughout the process of learning to drive, you’ve spent many nights thinking about leaving the forecourt in your brand new motor. In reality, though, opting for a model on the used marketplace would probably be a far better option.   

Road safety figures show that drivers are far more likely to encounter a crash in their first two years on the road. For those reasons, a reliable but affordable first car is ideal. On a financial front, taking this route should also lower the other associated costs. When you compare car insurance quotes, you’ll soon see that opting for a car that’s maybe two or three years old is the best decision. Just remember that a vehicle that needs lots of repair work isn’t any good either, and you cannot go wrong.

Besides, the first car purchase will be exciting regardless. Saving the joy of buying your first brand new vehicle for a later date can bring long-term benefits too.

Know The Car

If you are buying a used car, a full service history can be very beneficial. Whether this is or isn’t available, though, you must take the vehicle for a test drive before making any commitment. Frankly, this one trick will go a long way to confirming whether it’s the vehicle for you.

Your research into the vehicle shouldn’t end there, though. You can check the safety features and rating of the model online for added insight. Likewise, impartial reviews will often provide greater information than a salesman. After all, the dealer is trying to sell the car that they want to sell. Do not forget it.

Once you have purchased the car, you should also take the time to read your manual from cover to cover. Understanding the finer details, including the dashboard warnings, will provide huge help in the long haul. Learn how to complete simple maintenance tasks, and you’ll also see benefits to the longevity and resale value.


Essential Advice For New Drivers


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Being a new driver is a strange position to be in. On the one hand, you have just passed your test, and you are on top of the world. On the other, the world of driving still seems a little intimidating. The good news is that the hardest part is over – you are a qualified driver. At this point, it is wise to remember that everybody has been in your position at some point in their life. All drivers are new drivers to begin with! Nonetheless, there are some tried-and-tested words of wisdom which any new driver would do well to take on board. If you have just passed your test, and you are wondering if there is anything else to know or be aware of, then read on. Let’s have a look at some great top tips for new drivers.

Learn More

That’s right – now is the opportune time to get learning! You have just passed your test, so we know that you are perfectly capable of driving. However, ask any driver in the world and you can guarantee they will say the same thing. Most of your driving skills will develop after you have passed your test. It’s true – you learn so much more once you are on the road. For that reason, it is a fine idea to get more training in as early as possible. The more practice you have, the better. And there is another, very good incentive for doing this too. Most insurance companies offer a discount to new drivers who have passed extra training. So you will be saving money as well!

Get a Reliable Car

Your first car is really important – and it’s also something you will never forget. It’s important that you treat yourself to a car which is both reliable and trustworthy. A Cooper Mini would be a great example of the perfect first car. Ultimately, you want to drive something which you know can last you a long time, and which has a proven track record. The last thing you want is to break down as soon as you are on the road.


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Get To Know It

Before you even drive your lovely new car, it is advisable to get to know it intimately first. Sit in it and learn where everything is. This might sound silly, but every model is slightly different. The fact is, knowing your car inside out is a really important part of the whole driving game. Not only does it mean you will feel more confident on the road. It might also save you in an emergency. There is no use having to fumble around – learn your car as soon as possible.

Drive, Drive, Drive

Once you are all set up, the best thing you can do is just drive. Drive as much as you can. Not only that, but ensure that you gain experience driving in all sorts of different conditions as well. Drive at all different times of day and in all different weathers. The more knowledge you gain early on, the better a driver you will be. You will be a driving expert in no time at all.