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2017 Honda Civic Type R First Drive: It’s Alive!


We’ve already paid our respects to the dearly departed high-revving Honda that we once knew—that bonkers, VTEC-kicked-in-yo, skinny-legged whippersnapper of old. The fog of nostalgia tends to make you forget that, in truth, he wasn’t always easy to live with, alternately mopey and hopped up on Adderall as he was. READ MORE ››

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2018 Honda Fit Hatchback Revealed, Offers More Driver-Assistance Features


For its first update since the third-generation Honda Fit debuted for 2015, the 2018 model promises subtle aesthetic improvements and brings an impressive list of driver-assistance features. READ MORE ››

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2018 Honda Accord prototype first drive: V-6 deep-sixed, and better

2018 Honda Accord sedan prototype, Honda Tochigi R&D Center, Japan, June 2017The 2018 Honda Accord will be an all-new version of the popular mid-size sedan last redesigned for the 2013 model year. The 10th-generation Accord will ride on new underpinnings, and use a pair of revised 4-cylinder engines, eliminating the previous V-6 that’s been the top engine option for many years now. Because the Accord is largely a North…
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