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Deathwatch, continued: Faraday Future still stalled in the desert

Faraday Future FF 91Why do we like to watch some companies fail and not others? It usually comes down to the size of their ambitions: the bigger they are, the better the show. That’s why the implosion of brash, boastful Faraday Future has been so fascinating. New details about Faraday don’t suggest that it’s folding or filing for bankruptcy–not yet, anyway. But they…
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Faraday Future hasn’t produced its first car but already wants a second plant–in California

Faraday Future FFZERO1 conceptIn April, start-up automaker Faraday Future broke ground on a $ 1 billion production facility outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Though that plant won’t be completed until 2018 at the earliest, Faraday is already making plans for a second manufacturing site–this one in California. The facility would sit on Mare Island, located in the city of Vallejo…
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Aston Martin RapidE Electric Car Will Be Co-Developed With Faraday Future Sibling

Aston Martin RapidE conceptPerformance brands haven’t always been excited about the transition to electric cars. Many seemed to fear a loss of power, terrified by the thought of producing stylish-but-pokey golf carts for the well-heeled. Then came Tesla, which showed everyone that electric cars could be very, very powerful, indeed. And après ça, le…
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