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Driving Through The Ages


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Everybody knows that a variety of things come into play when driving risks are involved. And, one of the leading contenders here is your age. When we look at accident statistics, they’re commonly separated by age. And, a look at the results makes it easy to see why. Our age dictates a lot when it comes to driving. From experience to health; it all comes into play.

While stereotypes are never all-inclusive, it helps to consider the risks of each age range. The statistics are there for a reason. Paying heed will help you become aware of the dangers of your driving, and that of those around you. Which is  why we’re going to look at driving through the ages, and the risks each range face.

18-25 (The young drivers)

Of all the driving ages, youngsters get the worst reputation. And, to be fair, the statistics back it up. It’s thought that drivers aged 18-25 are three times more likely to crash. That’s pretty frightening. In truth, though, the reasoning here may not be what we expect. We have an idea of teens who drive fast to show off. The reality is that many accidents happen due to inexperience. Young drivers are using certain roads for the first time. Plus, their knowledge is still limited. They may have forgotten some essentials older drivers take for granted. Bear this in mind if you see a young driver on the road next to you. Keep a distance and be patient. Equally, if you are a young driver, do your best to extend your knowledge. If you recognize areas you need to work on, take an experienced driver with you, and practice until you feel confident.

35-50 (The middle drivers)

The next age-range of note are the middle drivers. These are generally people who have been driving for a decent amount of time. Their health is still good and, for the most part, they’re the most reliable on the road. In fact, the main risk to this group is often the two age ranges which sandwich it. Middle drivers are more likely to experience an accident caused by someone else. If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to contact companies like The Kindley Law Firm who can help you with compensation matters. Bear in mind, though that, as a member of the most privileged driving group, it’s also down to you to pay close attention. Give learner drivers the space they need and be patient with older drivers who may be having trouble.


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60+ (The older drivers)

Speaking of older drivers, the 60+ drivers are our last stop. These silver haired drivers are often just as much a risk as youngsters on the road. Only, there’s less media coverage of this issue. Sight and hearing problems are just two of the risk factors here. If you fit into this category, stay safe by admitting problems early on. If you’re worried about your sight or hearing, get yourself checked before hitting the road again.