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The Common Regrets Of A Modern Driver (#2 Is Crazy!)

Your love of driving is far from unique. We all love our cars and would be somewhat lost without them. Still, that doesn’t mean that people can’t be guilty of falling into some very simple traps. Sadly, those issues can damage your finances, happiness, and safety in one fell swoop.

Here are five of the most frequent regrets of a modern driver, along with what you can do to avoid them. 


Image: Stay in love with driving by avoiding these mistakes.

#5. Buying New

The joy of driving out of the dealership in a brand new car is certainly hard to beat. However, that soon fades, as does the car’s value. Depreciation rates on these models highlight the reasons for avoiding this market. This is especially true when you consider the many great used options that are out there. While some people needn’t worry about those financial elements, most do. Even if you do crave a new vehicle, leasing and rentals may be the better outcome.

#4. Not Taking Precautions

They say that prevention is the best form of protection, and that’s especially true when dealing with the car. Right now, you’ll need to think about the extra winter precautions. However, safety is something you must prioritize at all times. On a similar note, keeping the fluid levels maintained and the air pressure topped up can make a big impact. Those minor jobs may feel like a hassle, but it’ll be far tougher to rectify the damage should you leave the car untouched.

#3. Buying An Inferior Brand

Nobody wants to drive the same car model as everyone else. As such, you may be tempted to go for something that’s a little rare. In truth, though, you need to choose a name that can be trusted. The best manufacturers provide a range of models suited to all needs. Click here to find out about the current Mazda’s on the market, and you’ll soon appreciate those options. Opting for an inferior alternative could cause issues, not least when new parts and repairs are required.


Image: Buying a car that you can trust for years will bring far greater value.

#2. Not Fighting For Justice

Accidents happen. When they do, however, the aggressor can often try to place all the blame on the other person. Unfortunately, inexperienced drivers and shy people can become intimidated. The best thing you can do is take their details and let the insurance firms and experts handle it. As long as you weren’t the person to blame, there’s no reason why you should be the one to suffer financially. Click here to discover the best coverage, and you’ll have far greater protection. This can only have a positive impact.

#1. Leaving Minor Faults Untouched   

Regardless of what car you buy, it will inevitably encounter faults from time to time. In many cases, it can be tempted to ignore those early indications. This may save you time and money in the short haul, but those savings will come at a long-term cost. Whether it’s the brake pads, suspension, or any other feature isn’t important. A quality mechanic is priceless for your motoring joy and ongoing happiness. Let those problems continue, and the damage will worsen. And as you’re faced with those troubles, you’ll certainly regret not taking action far sooner.


Minor Driving Mistakes That Cost You Majorly (That We ALL Do)

No matter how long we have been driving, some habits can take a long time to iron out, unless you do it for a living of course!  But for the vast majority of us when it comes to our driving skills, we mainly rely on the car to get from A to B, do we necessarily think about every aspect of how we drive? So, it begs the question, what are we all guilty of that we do every day, that we maybe don’t think about that may cause a lot of trouble for us or our fellow motorists down the line?

Not Paying Attention To The Road



While we all think we are paying a decent amount of attention to the road while driving, the fact is that distracted driving is a primary cause of accidents now. You only have to look at the amount of people who have caused crashes by operating their cell phones while driving. And also with the amount of gadgets in the modern car, there’s a lot more to contribute to our level of distracted driving. Now, operating a phone while driving is as dangerous as drink driving and you wouldn’t do that! So if you ever find yourself drifting off, attention-wise, you should think about checking your reaction times. Are you as focused on the road as you think you are?

Improper Driving In Wet Conditions



A lot of us don’t bother to slow down or are just are driving as normal when the weather gets wet. The first 10 minutes of rain is when the road is the most dangerous, this is because the oil that has built up on the dry road is now loosened, making the roads very slippery. And this is where accidents can be caused, and if you were to make a case for a diminished value claim due to car damage, or somebody ran into the back of you in wet weather, the chances are they ignored the sensible advice to slow down. Any sign of rain can cause slipperiness on the road, so as soon as it starts, be sure to apply the brake.

Looking At The Wrong Part Of The Road



This is very evident when you’re driving in an area that you’re not used to, if you’re looking for road signs and speed limits, you are not looking directly in front of you. A common issue is swerving out of a lane, and this can be a big problem if you are trying to find the right exit, or looking everywhere around you apart from on the road. The best advice in regards to this is to make sure you have someone keeping an eye out for you, or if that’s not possible pull over when it is safe to do so and reassess your directions, or have your GPS to hand.

These three mistakes can have a major impact on your skills as a driver, and they are things that most of us do, so make sure you are as safe as possible, and rectify these problems before you cause a major accident.


Fail! Reduce The Embarrassment When You Make These Car Errors



I think we are all guilty of hanging our head in shame about an error we have made with our vehicle. Whether we have lost our car in a car park or managed to pop our tyre on the pavement, it can leave us feeling red faced. And we want to escape the situation as quickly as possibly. Thankfully, there are some easy solutions to the most common mistakes. In fact, here are some ways you can reduce the embarrassment by finding a quick solution when you make these car errors.

Ran out of gas while on the road

We all try and push our car to the last bit of gas. After all, we would rather fill up another day to save some money. And after a long day at work, we would rather go home than have to find the nearest gas station. But while you might be trying to get your money’s worth, you could end up at risk of running out. And there is nothing more embarrassing than running out of fuel! In fact, you will be left red-faced when you have to explain the situation. To reduce your embarrassment, you need to firstly find a safe area to park up. After all, you don’t want to be responsible for an accident. Then you can use your mobile to find the nearest gas station. It might be the case you can get a tow to the station if it’s close by. And you could call your insurance. After all, they might be able to send you roadside assistance to help you get some fuel. And call a family member or friend to come and wait with you if it’s dark for your own safety.

Locked yourself out of the vehicle

It’s so easy to lock yourself out of your car. After all, you shut the door behind you and then realize that the keys are sitting on your seat. To reduce the embarrassment, you might want to try and get inside the car yourself. You might want to try and wedge the car open with a wide tool and then use a rod to hit the unlock button. Or you could even break in through the trunk if it’s open. You should be able to push the car seats backward so that you can then maneuver yourself into the back of the vehicle. If it’s late when you get locked out, you might want to contact a locksmith. They can then unlock the car for you, and even do a lock replacement if necessary so you can get back in your car quickly.

Knocked into someone’s parked car

You might be surprised how many people accidentally knock into someone’s car when they open their door. And it can leave them embarrassed if the vehicle is parked next to them. A lot of people make the mistake of leaving without writing a note. But if the owner of the car checks the CCTV, you could end up in a ton of trouble. Therefore, to reduce the embarrassment, make sure you put a note with your contact details. That way, they can contact you if they do need to have any repairs!

And here are some ways you can be a better driver so that you can avoid errors in the future.