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Affordable Ways To Fix Up Your Car


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Car repairs aren’t cheap. However, there are ways to drastically lower your costs when fixing up your vehicle. Here are a few cost-cutting tips to consider before you head to your local mechanic.

Shop around for repair services

Car repair prices will vary widely. It’s worth getting multiple quotes from repair centres in your area. There are comparison sites for comparing mechanics in your area. Make sure to also check out online reviews as these will give you an idea of how reliable each mechanic is – a company charging a very cheap rate may be making up for a bad reputation.  

Buy parts yourself

Most repair centres will aim to make a profit off of parts. By sourcing them yourself online, you may be able to save money. Second-hand parts will be cheaper, but be wary of opting for these as they’re likely to fail again quicker. This is especially the case with partially worn tyres, which although cheap are likely to need replacing again in a couple months. Always buy from trusted parts dealers – read reviews just to be certain.

Try DIY repairs

There are lots of repairs that can be attempted oneself to save money. You may want not want to attempt many jobs under the bonnet, but tasks such as replacing headlight bulbs and even brake pads can be done oneself with minimal risk (watch Youtube tutorials and read how-to guide online). There are also plenty of hacks out there to repair aesthetic damage. Did you know that many scratches can be concealed with toothpaste, or that you may be able to fix a dent with a plunger? Obviously, you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet, so always read up on these hacks before following through.

Can you make a legal claim?

In the event of an accident, a car accident attorney may be able to help you claim some money to put towards repairs. This is useful if your insurer isn’t paying up a lot or if you have a high deductible. There are also other situations where you may be able to make a legal claim such as falling debri from a building or potentially even an unmarked obstacle in the road left by a construction company.

Know when to take preventative action

Sometimes it can pay to get repairs done that aren’t mandatory. For example, if brake pads are looking fairly worn and a mechanic highly suggests getting them fixed, it could be worth heeding their advice as allowing the brake pads to completely fail could cause further damage as a knock-on result. Make sure to also keep on top of regular fluid checks and don’t ignore warning lights. It can also be worth researching your car model online to check for regular faults so that you know when to spot the early warning signs.


The Cars Best Suited to Highway Driving

Highways and motorways are a different beast to normal, everyday roads. They are more demanding. They are statistically more dangerous. They are longer. They are busier. Basically, they are tougher to drive upon than most roads. And because they are tougher to drive upon, a tough car is needed to drive upon them in. Below you can find just a few of the most tough, fun and relatively cost effective cars to drive on the highway today.


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Acura RLX

Generally, you only use the highway when you are going on a long journey, right? And on these long journeys you are accompanied by others, right? And, more often than not, these ‘others’ are your significant other half and your children, right? Well, if that’s right then you can probably attest to the fact that one of the worst things about a long car journey is the moaning your children do when they’re bored. ‘Are we there yet?’ Can we play a game? I’m too cold. I’m too hot,’ are just some of the things that you likely hear from your back seat upon such a journey. But, that’s where a car such as the Acura RLX can help. The RLX comes with a host of entertainment options that will keep the little ones, and even your other half, quiet for the whole journey no matter how long it is.

What’s more, the 3.5 litre V6 engine, and the 310 horsepower that is brings with it, that is fitted to the RLX means that the drive is always smooth and breezy. This means that when the kids finally do drop off to sleep, you don’t have to worry about waking them with jumpy and bumpy driving. $48,450 is the starting price for the Acura RLX.

Audi A6

If travelling with a lot of other people is what you do when you use the highway or motorway, then the Audi A6 may just be the car for you. This is a car that comes with a massive 14 cubic feet’s worth of cargo capacity, meaning you and those you travel with never have to travel light. And, regarding those you travel with — they never have to travel uncomfortably either if the A6 is your car of choice. The seating and interior has been described by many as ‘comfortably spacious’, meaning everybody and everything you travel with will be transported from A to B as if they were V.I.Ps. Just make sure that those who carpool with you pay you for gas expenses!

In regards to its driving capabilities, the A6 is very well suited to the demands of highway driving because of the fact that it reaches 33 miles per gallon used. What’s more, it has a 22 horsepower capability, meaning fast travel is what it both loves and relishes. Pricing starts at $44,800 for the Audi A6.

Buick LaCrosse

If a legitimately ‘tough’ car is what you want for its driving capabilities, rather than one that provides comfort and entertainment for your passengers, then the Buick LaCrosse should be on your wish list. This a strong car that has the ability to eat up mile upon mile, city upon city and even state upon state without suffering too badly with issue regarding wear and tear. It is a car that, with the combination of a 303 horsepower and 264 ft-lbs worth of torque, has the ability to drive upon the highway like it is a normal road. In fact, it has the ability to not only drive upon the highway, but command it. If all of this is enticing you to look into purchasing a Buick LaCrosse, then you can find prices starting at a relatively cheap $33,535

Chrysler 300

Highway driving demands a lot from cars. To be able to reach these demands, a car must be solid; and there is no more solid a car model out today than the Chrysler 300. It is solid in the way it looks. It is solid in the way it drives (on account of its massive 5.7 litre V8 engine). And it is solid in the way it consumed regular gas (saving you money when it comes to fuel expenses). All in all, the 300 is a car that is solid enough to face the task of extensive highway driving, on any highway, at any time. $30,995 is the starting price, making it the cheapest on this list.

Highway and motorway driving is dangerous, there are no two ways about it. What with the amount of vehicles using the highway at any given time, plus the speed they are driving at, accidents are always waiting to happen. And, when you consider the size of the vehicles using highways regularly, such as trucks, the danger levels rise even further. So, if you don’t want to have to get in touch with a trucking accident lawyer, such as McNeely Stephenson, after being in a collision with one then it is suggested that you get something to protect you on the highway. And the car’s above are just about as good a safety feature as anything else when it comes to doing just that and highway driving in general.

Make sure to take heed of the advice above when you come to purchasing your next motor if highway driving is something that you do regularly. If you do, you might just save a life — and this could very well be your own life.


Is An Electric Car More Economical?

Technological advances are currently dominating the auto world, and one of the biggest advances that is rushing upon us is the introduction of the electric car. It sounds crazy to most when we have lived in a world of gas run vehicles for a century, but it makes sense that we evolve in a way that uses less fuel. For those of you out there who are conscious of the environment, you’ll be certainly happier in the knowledge that your change from a gas-run vehicle to an electric one is so much better for the world around you.


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The biggest question is whether or not an electric car is more economical to run than the standard gas vehicle. Electric cars are, of course, more expensive to buy up front than a used gas-run car, but their lower running costs often make them a far more attractive option. You should also look at cheapautoinsurance.co to see whether you could save money on your car expenses when you switch from gas to electric. There are two main costs when it comes to running an electric car: charging costs and how far the charge of your car will take you. We’ve looked at both of these below:

Charging Costs. Most people are under the impression that you can charge your car like you can your phone. It’s not quite the same. The quality of the charger that you have for your electric car will make a rather huge difference to the cost it will take to get it charged and ready to run. Public charge points are often pricier than the one you could have installed at home, and they will have surcharges implemented by the company running the charger. Charging at home will depend on your tariff with your electricity supplier, so try and stick to off-peak charging which is usually overnight.

Cost Per Mile. Running costs per mile, in the same way you need to look at gas costs per mile, will depend on how much the charging costs are. You need to know how far your car can manage before needing a top-up charge. As with any car, its range can very much vary depending on the model and make of the car. Electric car efficiency can only be estimated because there are too many things that can affect it overall.


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The costs of running an electric car can be cheaper than a standard vehicle on the road for the most part. An electric car is markedly cheaper than a petrol-run car and even more so than one run on diesel. Electric cars have the added benefit that they are pretty much maintenance-free – another reason they are exceedingly popular these days! Those watching their carbon footprint can be easily swayed to electric models, despite the initial upfront cost involved. It’s worth the cost when you can save money in the long-term, and if you’re going to save the planet at the same time then why not?