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Features Women Look For In A Car

It’s not always easy shopping for a car. There are a lot of options to choose from and not all of the details are self-explanatory. It’s smart to shop around and get an idea of what kind of car you’re looking for when you’re in the market for a new or used one.

Most women know they want a nice-looking car but aren’t familiar with all of the car terminology. That’s why it’s important for dealerships and sellers to know what women want in a car, so they can help them narrow it down. See features women look for in a car.


You want to get in a car and feel good about driving it on the road. It can’t be too noisy or obnoxious when driving. Women don’t want a big clunky car that’s difficult to move and shift. They want a car that drives smoothly, and doesn’t feel heavy on the foot or steering wheel. This is why it’s important to test drive every car before you buy it. Women want to feel comfortable driving the car and at ease when they’re behind the wheel. They want to be able to handle the car, instead of the car taking control.


Attractive Exterior

The exterior of the vehicle is very important. A vehicle is all about making first impressions. It should look attractive and easy on the eyes. Color is a personal preference, but the shape of the car matters too. Hyundai i20 cars have an attractive shape and offer eye-catching colors. The vehicle is a four or five seater hatchback which gives a nice profile to the back of the vehicle. It’s sleek with a sporty outline. It’s also not too big or bulky.

Beautiful Interior

Women look for a nice interior to their car. The color, texture, material and feel all matter. It’s important to get in the car and sit on it and touch the interior. You don’t want anything that feels cheap or will get too hot or cold in the summer and winter months. The car needs to have an overall aesthetic flow to it between the exterior and interior. Women want the whole package and aren’t going to settle for only liking parts of the car.

Safety Features

Most women have children and families they have to lookout for when thinking about purchasing a car. Safety is one of their top concerns. They want to know the features, advancements and statistics so they can gauge how reliable the car will be in its lifetime. It’s important to cover all of the safety features in detail and make sure she’s comfortable with what the vehicle has to offer before pulling away. The advancements vary by car, so talk them through and make sure she understands the ins and outs before purchasing a vehicle.


Women have their own process for buying or leasing a car. Be mindful of their questions and concerns and give them options. These are features women look for in a car.


5 Reasons Why Having A Mechanic In The Family Is Awesome



Owning a car can be great for your own personal freedom, but it’s hard not to admit that it does come at a price. Not only do you have a fork out a lot of money for the car in the first place, but you’ve always got costs that keep on popping up. And then there’s the price that isn’t the monetary kind. The maintenance. You can often feel like you’re always heading to the auto shop – unless you have a mechanic in the family of course. Because when you have a mechanic in the family, it can be pretty awesome indeed!

You Know How To Change A Flat

How many people know how to change a flat? And how many people could actually get out there on the side of the road and change a flat when it needs to be changed? Well, when you have a car mechanic in the family, you 100% can. What other choice do you have? Whether they’re your brother or your aunt, you’ll find that you’re forced to learn how to do it – for safety reasons, of course!

Your Repairs Are Done Super Fast

You might be able to change a flat, but that might be all you can do. But don’t sweat it, your family auto star has got you covered. Whether your car needs a new part for the engine, or a little tuning, you always know that it’s going to get done super fast. Because your mechanic is going to get to work in the evening or at the weekend and get it done. They really are a super star.

Your Super Old Car Lives Forever

When you have a mechanic close to you, you often know just how to keep your car in good shape – or at least they do. Looking after your old car isn’t always easy, but with expert tips from your auto star, you can just about make it happen. Not only will they guide you, but they’ll definitely be there to keep your car running well, and help it to last a lot longer than it should.

You Actually Take Care Of The Interior

How often do you clean the inside of your car? When you’ve got empty takeout containers left from days ago, and endless bottles of water, it’s probably not going to be that how. But, when you have a mechanic in the family, you can bet that your car interior is super clean. Cleaning your car interior sometimes seems like a lot of work, but with your auto drill sergeant, you’re definitely too scared to let it get messy and be told of for not taking care of it better.

You Save Money

And of course, there’s also the benefit of saving money on the full price auto shop prices that you were once used to. When you have a mechanic in the family, they often cut the cost of labor, and they will charge you cost price for the parts you need. It may cost you an afternoon of baking treats for them, or a pair of tickets or two, but it’s totally worth it.


5 Tips For Taking a Long Road Trip

Summer is here, and soon there’s going to be plenty of people packing up their car with all the necessary driving snacks and drinks, ready to put their months of preparation into practice. With a route firmly in place, they’ll load themselves and their families into the car and head off in pursuit of adventures yet unknown. The open road awaits! Still, there are some necessary details to take care of before the adventure can begin. Below, we offer five tips to ensure that your road trip runs as smoothly as possible.


Source: Pexels.com

Readying the Car

Before you go anywhere or do anything, you need to make sure your car is fit for purpose. You won’t just be driving around your nice suburban roads anymore! You’ll be clocking up hundreds of miles, and may be driving through terrain that your car hasn’t yet experienced. Have a mechanic check that everything is as it should be with your engine. If your tires are looking a bit worn, get a new set from a company like Wiltshire Tyres. Your windscreen wipers also need to be in perfect working order. If your car is in tip-top condition, then you’re less likely to run into issues when you’re on the road.

Packing the Vehicle

How much you take with you will depend on how long your road trip is, whether you’re camping or staying in hotels, and so on. Still, there’ll always be a temptation to overpack your car. This can add a lot of weight, however, and when people are on board, you might discover you can barely move in your car. Pack the essentials, of course, but leave out anything that can be bought on the road: you don’t, for instance, have to pack every single thing you want to eat. That’s what pit-stops are for!

Driving Smart

The biggest danger on the road isn’t how healthy your car is: it’s your driving. You need to be a smart driver when you’re going on a long road trip. Don’t drive for too many hours at a time. Take a lot of breaks, and switch out the driving responsibilities often. Also, don’t insist on keeping to a schedule. There’ll be times when you can’t go as fast as you’d like, or hit you traffic, and it’s stupid to try to make up the time by going faster than you feel comfortable.

Emergency Ready

You should always be prepared for an emergency. Breaking down in the middle of the night could be dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re properly prepared. Have a few extra blankets, bottles of water, a first aid kit, and a light handy. If you have the essentials, you’ll be able to ride it out until you can get help.

Be Flexible

Having a plan is good, but be flexible. You never know what can happen on the road, and it might be better if you’re flexible with your plans. So long as you’re having fun, who cares if you don’t reach every tourist highlight on the route?