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Affordable Ways To Fix Up Your Car


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Car repairs aren’t cheap. However, there are ways to drastically lower your costs when fixing up your vehicle. Here are a few cost-cutting tips to consider before you head to your local mechanic.

Shop around for repair services

Car repair prices will vary widely. It’s worth getting multiple quotes from repair centres in your area. There are comparison sites for comparing mechanics in your area. Make sure to also check out online reviews as these will give you an idea of how reliable each mechanic is – a company charging a very cheap rate may be making up for a bad reputation.  

Buy parts yourself

Most repair centres will aim to make a profit off of parts. By sourcing them yourself online, you may be able to save money. Second-hand parts will be cheaper, but be wary of opting for these as they’re likely to fail again quicker. This is especially the case with partially worn tyres, which although cheap are likely to need replacing again in a couple months. Always buy from trusted parts dealers – read reviews just to be certain.

Try DIY repairs

There are lots of repairs that can be attempted oneself to save money. You may want not want to attempt many jobs under the bonnet, but tasks such as replacing headlight bulbs and even brake pads can be done oneself with minimal risk (watch Youtube tutorials and read how-to guide online). There are also plenty of hacks out there to repair aesthetic damage. Did you know that many scratches can be concealed with toothpaste, or that you may be able to fix a dent with a plunger? Obviously, you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet, so always read up on these hacks before following through.

Can you make a legal claim?

In the event of an accident, a car accident attorney may be able to help you claim some money to put towards repairs. This is useful if your insurer isn’t paying up a lot or if you have a high deductible. There are also other situations where you may be able to make a legal claim such as falling debri from a building or potentially even an unmarked obstacle in the road left by a construction company.

Know when to take preventative action

Sometimes it can pay to get repairs done that aren’t mandatory. For example, if brake pads are looking fairly worn and a mechanic highly suggests getting them fixed, it could be worth heeding their advice as allowing the brake pads to completely fail could cause further damage as a knock-on result. Make sure to also keep on top of regular fluid checks and don’t ignore warning lights. It can also be worth researching your car model online to check for regular faults so that you know when to spot the early warning signs.


What You Need To Know To Keep Your Engine Running

If you look at a car, it’s not easy to see the most important part. While the car is built out of some incredible parts that are all important – the tires, the axles, the exhaust; for all intents and purposes – the engine is the most critical. A car does not ‘go’ without an engine. It’s under the hood and under cover – so the reality of the engine is really out of sight and out of mind. That can be a dangerous attitude to have.



A lot of people spend their attention on the external factors of the car. Windscreen cracks, tire wear, and paint rust are the key issues to deal with and are seriously dealt with. However, with the engine being under cover – it’s likely that its performance will go unnoticed until something is drastically wrong, and by this point the engine might be a write-off but for the best auto repair mechanics. Who knows – but at any point, a broken engine is going to be incredibly costly to fix. What you need to do? You need to keep your engine running to avoid any patches of bad health. Proper engine care will ensure you avoid engine issues entirely.

Believe it or not, despite being covered up – the environment can have a huge impact on the performance of your engine. Dire conditions can increase its stress levels and lead to failure. Water and rain on the engine can ensure the engine floods – and this obviously happens if a car drives through enormous puddles of standing water. Ensure your car is away from water at all times, as this can lead to an engine being flooded and the mechanics being ruined. Obviously, this leads to an engine failure, and possibly some extremely costly repairs. Don’t drive through standing water, and ensure your car is at least covered during bad patches of weather. What’s more – adverse road conditions can ruin your engine by pushing it to the limit – driving and revving your engine through mud or heavy packed snow (which can lock the wheels) is an easy way to blow an engine.

Even with perfect care – your engine can have issues. You need to pay attention to the performance of your car’s engine to ensure you can spot issues before they arise. Driving with a faulty engine can lead to issues beyond repair. If something is wrong with your engine, it will tell you – so just listen out. You might even smell an engine problem in a dire circumstance.



The best thing you can do for your engine? Quench its thirst. An engine needs oil to thrive and ensure there is no friction occurring within the engine. Engine oil is a cheap change and an easy check – and you can learn how to do this from the internet or a mechanic. The cost and effort involved in an oil change are a lot less of a hassle than an engine failure – which is a guarantee when the oil isn’t changed. That’s all you need to know to keep your car, and your engine running!


4 Car Maintenance Tricks That No One Ever Told You About

Everyone who owns a car knows that your vehicle is going to cost you a lot of money in “hidden” fees. Outside of mandatory payments such as insurance, the additional fees you need to pay to repair and maintain your car will eat a huge chunk of your wallet and unless you change the way you drive your vehicle, it’s unlikely that you will ever stop them taking large amounts of money from you. So to help you reduce the amount of money you pay for your vehicle, here are 4 unique car maintenance tricks that no one has ever told you about.



Preparing Your Car for Another Season

Let’s face it, how many of us actually prepare our vehicles for another season? Do you change to winter tires when the roads are frosty and do you bother changing back when the heat arrives? Not all of us bother with changing these things because they take a lot of work, but if you want to save money on maintaining your vehicle, then you need to get used to switching out the tires. If you can’t do this at home because you lack the equipment, then you can always ask a car-savvy friend to help. Otherwise, you’ll need to resort to asking your local mechanic for advice.

You Can Fix Many Issues Yourself

Unless you’re absolutely clueless about your vehicle, you can actually fix many issues by yourself without needing to pay your mechanic a dime. Of course, you may need to buy the parts yourself and if you go into it without any research, you might just do more damage to your car than fix it. However, things like changing windshield wipers, cleaning out the air filters and changing spark plugs can easily be done on your own. DIY car maintenance isn’t uncommon and with enough knowledge, you could save yourself thousands in car repair fees.

Preventive Measures Are Cheaper

Whether it’s learning how to drive defensively or how to treat your engine right when driving, it’s always best to focus on preventive measures as opposed to maintenance tricks to use AFTER your car has suffered damage. Learn to do your own vehicle inspection and learn the many ways that you can accidentally kill your vehicle. Visit this link if you want a more thorough guide on how you’re actually driving incorrectly and how you can improve your vehicle’s reliability. Remember that everything from cleaning the vehicle to driving slowly can count as a preventive measure!

Read the Manual

This sounds silly, but do you even have the manual to your car still? If you don’t, then go and print one off as soon as possible or ask your manufacturer for a copy. The manual will show you absolutely everything you need to know about your vehicle and you should be treating it like a toilet ready. Always pick at it when you have time and learn every single thing you can about your vehicle. It will tell you how often you need to change certain components, the right type of oil to use and how to use all the complicated bits of technology that are in your car.