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Driving Down The Costs Of Being Behind The Wheel

Driving is a wonderful thing that opens up new possibilities in a whole host of life aspects, but it does come at a cost. Most drivers would agree that the expenses are the one major downside to owning a car, and those overheads aren’t limited to buying the vehicle after.   

The costs of daily journeys are enough to cause ongoing headaches, so finding ways to reduce the strain should be top of your agenda. Of course, buying a used car or getting the cheapest insurance quote will help. In truth, though, the operational running overheads should be your main concern. Here’s how you can make your money work harder.



 Choose The Right Vehicle

Everyone has their dream vehicle. If money is a concern, however, it’s vital that you make a practical decision. Buying a cheaper model suited to your family or business needs is one thing. However, you also need to think about the engine size. These modest vehicles are still enjoyable to drive. However, the real smiles come from seeing your bank balance avoid a battering.

 Some people genuinely need a 4×4 or a larger vehicle for their activities. If you can survive comfortably with a lighter car that needs less horsepower, you should. If nothing else, it’s great for the environment too.

 Maintain Vehicle Health

A healthy car isn’t only a safer and more comfortable ride; it’s also a more cost-effective one. Therefore, it’s imperative that you act upon those seemingly minor issues immediately. When you do, you’ll find that performances improve. Better still, it can prevent those problems snowballing into something even worse, which will save you, even more, cash in the long run.

Even the simple jobs like topping up the fluids and tire air pressure will make a world of difference. Above all else, adopting those positive habits can encourage improvements elsewhere.



 Improve Fuel Efficiency   

The general performance of the car is vital, but you must also pay special attention to the fuel. After all, this is your greatest and most common operational expense. Using the best injector cleaner products will ensure your gas works harder, meaning you’ll save money overall. Likewise, premium gas can be worth the extra money, particularly when your vehicle is a few years old.

Once again, your habits have a huge influence too. If your filling station is having new fuel pumped into its tanks, avoid using it for a few hours. Otherwise, you’ll end up with debris from the bottom of the tank being pumped into your car.

 Think About Your Trips  

Many factors influence the efficiency of your driving habits. Ultimately, though, using the car too much in an unsuitable fashion is the biggest mistake you could make. Firstly you want to avoid sitting in heavy traffic If changing the route or time of journey can aid you, it’s imperative that you take advantage.   

Rather than breaking your chores into several trips, try doing them all at once. This is because the engine will stay warm for greater efficiency. Finally, arranging carpools can work wonders too.


5 Car Faults You Need To Fix Today

Cars break down. It usually happens at the most inconvenient times. When is it ever convenient for the car to stop working? Of course, many breakdowns actually start with a fault that could have been fixed before things got worse. And some of the faults are often signs that something is very, very wrong with your vehicle. Here are just 5 car faults you really shouldn’t ignore – get them fixed today!

Anything On A Recall List

Do check the recall list for your manufacturer. It’s rare that vehicles have to be recalled, but when they are, it’s for very good reasons. Faulty bonnet catches, parking brakes that fail, and even engine fires have been reported before a manufacturer issues a recall. Usually, a letter is sent to the first registered owner. If that wasn’t you or you’ve moved house, you might not find out about it until it’s too late. Check the list, and opt-in for updates if you’re worried.

Engine Warning Light

That warning light is there for a reason. It actually means danger. Sure, your car is still going, and everything feels fine. But what if there is a blockage and poisonous fumes are getting into your car? You might not even know about it until you’ve lost consciousness at sixty miles per hour. Pull over and call for help. It’s better to get it fully checked out rather than risk something nasty. Even if it just cuts out while you’re on the road, that can be dangerous for you and every other driver out there.


Don’t ignore your instrument panel – picture provided by Pexels

Damage To Tire

You’ve spotted a nail in your wheel, but the pressure seems OK. Leave it, right? Not if you want to be safe on the road. You might be at risk of a dramatic blowout that causes you to lose control of your vehicle. Even if the puncture slowly leaks air, chances are you’re on an undriveable flat before you get home. Do you really want to risk being stranded with a flat? Come on – nobody likes changing wheels on the highway! If you’re not too confident about changing them, head to an auto repair center so the wheel can be checked thoroughly.


Don’t risk it – picture provided by Pexels

Lights Not On

Beyond the safety aspect, tail lights and headlights that aren’t on after dark will cause you more problems than you want. You’re going to be earmarked for a pull-over by law enforcement. This can make you late, delay you getting home, and warrant a full police check! They might also query every other dent, bump or scratch on your vehicle. Avoid the hassle by pulling into a good garage now and getting fresh bulbs for your lamps.

Damage To The Windscreen

Any chip can quickly and easily turn into a crack. Sudden changes in temperature or a downpour of rain might be all it takes. Of course, once it has cracked, it’s not likely to be legal to drive. This can result in you being pulled over and the car being towed away! Not convenient at all. Perhaps worse still is the fact that a collision or bird impact could cause the glass to shatter all over you. It’s dangerous, so get it fixed today.

Do you have anything that you need to get fixed today?


Dents, Bumps And Scratches Can Be More Trouble Than You Think

What do you do when your car gets bumped, battered or scratched? If you’re obsessed with having a car that looks fantastic, you might get it repaired straight away and ensure that it looks brand spanking new once more. On the other hand, if you’re not too worried about the way your car looks, you might leave it. After all, car repairs can be expensive, and most of us don’t have the money in our budget to handle one. At least, not without making a few cutbacks in other areas of our life. That said, there are reasons why the person who gets the car fixed and ready straight away is making the right choice.

You Look Like A Liability


Not Just A Scratch Credit Source

It’s true if your car is damaged when you’re driving on the road, it can seem to other drivers as though you might be dangerous. Now, this can be useful because it’s possible that they give you a little more space on the road. But at the same time, it will also change their driving habits, making them more unpredictable. This can actually mean driving is more dangerous as drivers are being overly cautious, perhaps braking to stay away from your car when they really shouldn’t. It also doesn’t create the best impression if you are ever pulled over by the police, but that’s another story.

You Can Be A Target


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Damage to your car can also make you a target for other drivers who might be trying to make a quick buck. The reason for this is quite simple. If you have a bump or scrape on your vehicle, another car owner can say it was caused when you hit their car and caused some damage. In some cases, you might have damaged your car and not even bothered to inform your insurance company. In cases like this, there is a good chance that you will have no evidence at all that you didn’t, in fact, collide with the car of that particular driver. As such, you will have no defence. So, don’t make yourself a clear target, get your car fixed asap.

Lowered Value


Pic Source

At some point, you are going to want to sell your car. But if there is even small damage to the vehicle like scratches on the paintwork that’s going to significantly lower the value. The answer here is to make sure you are using a product like scratch remover to fix the vehicle as soon as you notice an issue because it can grow. According to car experts, “scratch remover for car paint can cover the issue completely making the paintwork look brand new.” You certainly won’t have to worry about your car selling for less than it’s worth.

Safety Concerns


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The final issue relates to a problem with safety. If your car has been damaged, there is a chance that there is a problem with safety that you’re not aware of. You might think it’s just a dent in the bodywork but the issue could also have caused a problem with an underlying mechanical part of the car. If that’s the case, your vehicle won’t be as safe to drive as you think.