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Could Your Car Be A Money-Making Machine?

When you think about cars and money, you’ll most likely think first and foremost about how much they cost you. However, your auto could just as easily be your way to free up a little cash. You don’t have to immediately think about selling it as soon as you find yourself in need. Here are four better ways to make money using it and end up keeping at the end.


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Assets are always valuable

Consider that your car is an asset, first and foremost. If you own a house, then it’s your second most valuable asset. Assets don’t just eat up money, but they make for fantastic credit. Companies like 1800CarTitle can help you find a loan using the car as collateral instead of having to rely solely on your credit rating. This can offer you more favorable terms than you might otherwise get. Just make sure you’re sensible about it and set up your debt reduction strategy before you even sign a loan.

It’s getting much easier to make money by driving

You don’t necessarily have to join a taxi firm to make money just by driving anymore. If you have spare time due to a part-time job or irregular hours, then there are companies offering much more freedom to freelance drivers. We all know about the prominence of apps like Uber and Lyft allowing just about anyone to take on the mantle of the taxi driver. But if you’re not too keen on sharing your car with just about anyone, then you can partner up with services like Buddytruk that instead allow you to transport goods. If you’re willing to travel further and make more deliveries per trip, you can make more money.


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Make your car a marketing tool

Businesses are looking for just about any opportunity to get their brand in front of the consumer market. As long as automobiles have been a thing, moving advertisements have also existed. Except many aren’t taking the time to invest in their own vehicles. Rather they use firms like Carvertise to partner up with regular drivers like you. You don’t have to transport anything, often you just have to drive your car for a set amount of time, often in certain areas of your town or city. It might mean altering the appearance of your car, but some consider it much less demanding than driving for transport.

Rent it out

You don’t even have to drive it yourself. While you’re at work, you can rent your car out to those who need it. Of course, if you do this, it’s a wise idea to invest in a GPS tracker and make sure your insurer is fine with you renting the car out, as well as making sure that anyone you rent the car out to is comprehensively insured across all vehicles. There are also companies willing to offer even more money to those willing to rent out classic, luxury, or sports cars.

Whether it’s getting a big lump sum of cash through a smart loan or making some side money by driving for a living or even renting out your car, there are plenty of ways it can help you raise some money.