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Affordable Ways To Fix Up Your Car


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Car repairs aren’t cheap. However, there are ways to drastically lower your costs when fixing up your vehicle. Here are a few cost-cutting tips to consider before you head to your local mechanic.

Shop around for repair services

Car repair prices will vary widely. It’s worth getting multiple quotes from repair centres in your area. There are comparison sites for comparing mechanics in your area. Make sure to also check out online reviews as these will give you an idea of how reliable each mechanic is – a company charging a very cheap rate may be making up for a bad reputation.  

Buy parts yourself

Most repair centres will aim to make a profit off of parts. By sourcing them yourself online, you may be able to save money. Second-hand parts will be cheaper, but be wary of opting for these as they’re likely to fail again quicker. This is especially the case with partially worn tyres, which although cheap are likely to need replacing again in a couple months. Always buy from trusted parts dealers – read reviews just to be certain.

Try DIY repairs

There are lots of repairs that can be attempted oneself to save money. You may want not want to attempt many jobs under the bonnet, but tasks such as replacing headlight bulbs and even brake pads can be done oneself with minimal risk (watch Youtube tutorials and read how-to guide online). There are also plenty of hacks out there to repair aesthetic damage. Did you know that many scratches can be concealed with toothpaste, or that you may be able to fix a dent with a plunger? Obviously, you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet, so always read up on these hacks before following through.

Can you make a legal claim?

In the event of an accident, a car accident attorney may be able to help you claim some money to put towards repairs. This is useful if your insurer isn’t paying up a lot or if you have a high deductible. There are also other situations where you may be able to make a legal claim such as falling debri from a building or potentially even an unmarked obstacle in the road left by a construction company.

Know when to take preventative action

Sometimes it can pay to get repairs done that aren’t mandatory. For example, if brake pads are looking fairly worn and a mechanic highly suggests getting them fixed, it could be worth heeding their advice as allowing the brake pads to completely fail could cause further damage as a knock-on result. Make sure to also keep on top of regular fluid checks and don’t ignore warning lights. It can also be worth researching your car model online to check for regular faults so that you know when to spot the early warning signs.


How To Look After Old Cars


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They have served us royally over the years. Have seamlessly escorted us from A to be and expertly navigated themselves around new cities, countries and unfamiliar roads. They have been there for the little emergencies and for the good times and for the bad times. So it’s no wonder we get so attached to our cars, and can feel a little sad when they start to get old and in need of replacing.

However replacing old cars is not always necessary, sometimes it is just a case of putting in a little bit of elbow grease, here and there, and knowing a few tricks to keep our beloved runarounds, going for as long as possible. Follow our simple tips below to discover how to look after your old cars to keep them ferrying you around for as long as possible.

Car Servicing & MOT

Older cars need a little more TLC and that TLC needs to be a little more regular than when your car was a mere spring chicken. Like anything that gets older it becomes more and more important to look after and keep on top of the maintenance, so you want to be making sure that you are taking your car in for regular servicing and MOT.

If you are not sure of the best places to go to organise for your car to get servicing or have an MOT, then look for a reputable and reliable car servicing mechanics like, www.autoco.com.au, where you can feel confident that your car is in the best hands.

Waxing Lyrical

Surprisingly few car owners actually ever wax their cars. This is surprising as it is such an important way to keep cars looking new and keeping them in prime condition. The thought of waxing generally makes people feel that it’s a job that takes hours of commitment and hard elbow grease. However it is not actually that difficult and to do a really good job, doesn’t need to take any more of your saturday afternoon, than one to two hours. Look here, www.autogeek.net for a video on how to do a really good job waxing your car up so it looks as good as new.

Eternal Youth is all in the Brakes

Keeping your car young and sprightly all comes down to the brakes. If the brakes are working well then chances are your car is running well too. So if you are having any problems with your brakes then one of the best things that you can do is to bled them, and that doesn’t have to necessarily be a difficult process.

Much like changing the oil in your car, bleeding the brakes in your car is something that we can all do and something that we should all be doing regularly in order to keep our cars running at maximum efficiency. The brakes on an old car, should be bleed around every two years, so make sure you are making a note on when this needs to happen.


DIY Car Detail: Step By Step


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There’s no doubt that a good car detailing can make even the oldest, rustiest car feel like new. It’s a breath of fresh air (perhaps literally!) that can reignite your passion for driving. Not only do you know that your car is in tip-top mechanical condition, but it’s also much nicer to be inside of.

The downside? The cost. Prices vary, but you’re often looking at a three-figure sum, depending on your location. If you have ever been tempted to DIY it instead, it’s worth considering. While what you can do at home will never be quite as good as what the professionals can manage, you can still make big changes, but without a big price tag for the work.

STEP ONE: Check It Over

Begin by dealing with the essentials of the components the car needs to keep itself running smoothly. Make sure you check

  • The tire pressure – and refill if necessary.
  • The tire tread.
  • The engine oil level. (If it’s been awhile, it’s probably going to need topping up.)
  • The wiper blades and fluid.
  • The engine coolant.

If you don’t know how to do some of the above, there are a few helpful guides you can follow to get yourself up to speed.

STEP TWO: Focus Inside

If you’ve ever tried to sweep debris from a car, you’ll know that it’s pretty much impossible. There’s just too many holes and crevices for crumbs and other detritus to fall into. That’s why figuring out how to clean a carpet in your car properly can save you a lot of wasted energy in sweeping and scrubbing.

Why remove the lint and dirt inside first? There’s no particular reason for it, except for the exterior wash is the bigger job of the two. It’s best to start small and finish with the biggest, most time-consuming issues.

When you have got the carpet free of lint and dirt, then focus on the control panels. Diluted white vinegar is as good a cleaning agent as anything else you’ll find on store shelves, so use it to give everywhere a wipe down.

If necessary, remove any staining from seats or other upholstery – and then you’re done.

STEP THREE: The Pressure Is On

There are many methods you can use to wash a car, but by far the most effective is a pressure washing. You don’t even have to use any chemical cleaning fluids that might dull the color of the paint; it’s all about the speed of the water. It’ll often cost you less to buy a pressure washer (that you can use time and again) than it would to have a pro detail a car just once.

STEP FOUR: Wax On, Wax Off

Wax is the final finish for any good car detailing, so make sure you take time to get it right. Go slowly, moving over small areas, practicing your technique until you’re confident you’re doing it right.

STEP FIVE: Reward Yourself

By the end of the process, not only do you have a beautiful shiny new car inside and out, but it’ll run better and be safer too. Kick back and relax – you’ve had a very productive day!