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Is Sports Car Ownership for You?

Sports car ownership has, for many years, been seen as something that can only be enjoyed by the rich and famous. They scream down the road in their roaring engines at blistering speeds, yet sadly they’re limited by speed limits and cameras. However, that doesn’t make the experience any less enjoyable. The reality is that anyone with enough money can own a sports car. Even if you save up for a decade, you could still own one–but what’s it actually like to have a sports car and does the experience warrant the entry price? Let’s find out.


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Driving a Sports Car Will Feel Incredibly Unique and Special

If you’re a true lover of automobiles then you’ve probably got a car or a series of vehicles that you feel extremely passionate about. When you sit in a sports car, everything from the interior to the dashboard and the technology in the vehicle will feel incredibly special. Even just driving down the road will get you lots of curious looks and people will envy your new set of wheels. However, this isn’t always a positive thing.

Some people just don’t like to stand out when they purchase a luxury car. They like to be surrounded by others who are in a similar situation. They want to connect with other sports car drivers and they want to attend meetups that are made to celebrate the unique look and feel of each sports car. Luckily, you can find plenty of car meetups online which is fantastic for those living in cities or remote locations where there isn’t an obvious community of sports car owners. These meetups can be a fantastic way to meet new people, make friends and celebrate the unique lifestyle of sports car ownership.

In short, owning and driving a sports car will feel unique. From the ride itself to the lifestyle that accompanies it, it’s certainly something that you will need to adjust to. The feeling of driving a car that you feel passionate about and will take great care of is special and everytime you get behind the wheel, you’re going to have a huge smile on your face.


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Financially Speaking, It’s Actually Not as Bad as People Think

Sure, you could get a practical vehicle for roughly a tenth of what you’d pay for a luxury sports car, but considering what car prices were like several years ago it’s actually a good time to purchase a luxury car. There are many different ways to finance and vehicle and there are also benefits of leasing that people don’t understand until they start looking for ways to pay for their vehicles. When it comes to the financial side of owning a sports car, there are obviously going to be some pitfalls such as increased fuel expenditure and higher repair costs, but actually owning the vehicle itself is relatively accessible for people who have stable jobs and a passion for sports cars.

You could even consider getting involved with sports car communities that regularly post deals regarding used vehicles. Most people buy used cars nowadays and there are fewer buyers looking at completely new cars due to the savings. A used sports car can still be just as reliable and it’s often the only way to get your hands on certain models of a car that you might have a love for.


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It’s All About the Experience, Not the Practicality

Many people mistake sports car purchases for something that’s meant to be practical. However, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with being practical and it’s all about the experience. If you want to save money on your car purchase then getting a sports car is about the most ludicrous thing to consider. You get a sports car for the unique feeling, for gaining access to an exclusive club of sports car owners and you get a thrilling driving experience that is special and unique to each person.

People will say that it’s a waste of money or pointless to get a sports car, but what they don’t understand is that getting a sports car and driving it isn’t about being frugal, it’s not about showing off and it’s not about looking better than others. Driving a sports car is a unique feeling that can’t be described. It’s a joy that only a small percentage of people get to experience in their lifetime and it’s not something that everyone cares about. It’s a niche and expensive experience, but it’s also incredibly thrilling and personal.

So if you’re looking for a practical vehicle, you should be looking elsewhere. A sports car isn’t going to get you to your destination faster, it’s not going to help you with your shopping and it’s certainly not a good family vehicle. But if you have a love for automobiles, if you’ve been following a certain model of a vehicle for many years and you love the idea of owning a sports car, then it’s something you should definitely consider.

Some Final Words

Sports car ownership is unique and wonderful. It’s hard to express in words because the feeling you get from driving one is personal to everyone and it’s not something that can be shared so easily. The joy you get from clutching the wheel with your hands and sitting back comfortably in the expertly-designed chairs is different across every sports car and it’s an experience that will forever remain personal.

Not everyone “gets” the idea of sports car ownership, but that’s fine. In the same way that not everyone understands opera or how people don’t understand Shakespeare, not everyone understands luxury car ownership and you should stop thinking about others and more about what you personally want from a sports car. While they might be expensive investments, it’s something that will forever change your life in a positive way.


Buying a MINI Hatchback


Originally launched by Morris Minor in 1961, the MINI is an extremely iconic car. It’s the kind of vehicle that almost anyone can identify, whether the individual asked is interested in cars or not.  This is perhaps thanks to the vehicle’s unique and eye-catching design.The original reason for creating such a small vehicle was to create something that could operate with a lower fuel consumption thanks to fueling rationing of the day. But what is it that keeps us coming back to the MINI time and time again, even in the 21st century? While the MINIs that you see on the road nowadays vary drastically from those of yesteryear, our longstanding love of this vehicle as a nation could be thanks to the maintenance of its distinctively retro aesthetic and the fact that it is notably small when compared with the majority of other road vehicles. So, if you’re part of the MINI fan club and are considering bagging one of these vehicles for yourself, here’s everything that you need to know about them!

Buying New or Second Hand

If you’re interested in classic MINIs, you’re going to have to buy something that is relatively well used. However, for newer models, you’re going to have more options on your plate. When you buy a brand new MINI, you have the benefit of having complete control over the maintenance and treatment of the vehicle from the start of its journey. You don’t have to worry about scratches, marks, or faults created by previous owners. You also have a fully functioning vehicle that will likely have a warranty, so if there are any inherent problems with it when you pull off the forecourt, you’re covered without having to sacrifice your no claims bonuses. A major problem, however, is the extreme loss that you make as soon as you drive it away and it switches from “brand new” to used. If you buy a second hand MINI, you’re going to have a smaller initial outlay. However, you may have to consider specialist MINI Repair work to rectify aesthetic or technical problems.


As long as you’re looking at any MINI hatchback model besides the Mini Cooper S or Mini Cooper SD, you can expect to get turbocharged three-cylinder engines. Now, this is impressive for such a small vehicle! If you opt for the S or SD, you gain an extra cylinder. The good news is that despite the extra power, you shouldn’t expect to experience any significant vibrations to run through the gearstick and steering wheel throughout the duration of the ride. The vehicle comes with adequate suspension, which drives most smoothly with smaller wheels. If you do prefer larger wheels, consider having dampers installed; these ensure that your vehicle yields more easily.


One of the best things about owning a MINI is the freedom you have with its appearance. There are so many colours and even patterns available that can help to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. You truly will be driving something personal and unique.

As you can see, the MINI is a versatile vehicle that should serve the needs of the average road user perfectly. Just put a little thought into exactly what you want from the vehicle before placing down a deposit or agreeing to a purchase, as it’s a relatively large investment!


Will We Ever Put The “Used vs New” Debate To Rest?



If there’s one question that you’ll probably see asked on more automotive blogs, websites, and forums than just about every other, it’s almost certainly going to be “should I buy a new car or a used one?” Now, just about every person you ask is going to give you a different answer to this question because the truth is that it’s a lot more complicated than it might seem at first glance. Because of that, the best thing that you can do is get as much information as possible to decide for yourself. With that in mind, here are just a few things to consider when trying to decide whether or not a used car or a new car is right for you.

Initial cost

This one is probably the most obvious and the one that most people use as their metric when deciding between a new car and a used one. It should hardly come as a surprise that a new car is going to probably cost more than a new one. A used BMW is going to be better value right off the showroom floor than one straight off the assembly line. At least, that’s the case if you’re putting your money down in one go. If you’re looking for payment plans, there are often some fantastic, interest-free plans for new cars that used cars don’t offer. Again, it’s a matter of figuring out what is best for you and making a judgement call.

Maintenance cost

One thing that is more cut and dry is the reality that you’re almost certainly going to need to spend less on maintenance on a new car than a used one. Cars all end up receiving various kinds of wear and tear, and that can lead to serious problems if you don’t keep it well maintained. If a car has had a couple of previous owners, then there’s a good chance that certain parts are going to wear out much faster than those on a brand new vehicle.

Resale value

One of the things that a lot of people tend to forget when it comes to a new car is that the value of that car is going to plummet almost immediately after you buy it. This is just a reality of new cars. However, if you buy a car used, sure, it’s not going to have as much value in the first place, but you’re much more likely to sell it on at a value similar to what you bought it at than if you’d bought it new.

Again, the important thing is not whether one of these options is somehow better than the other, but simply how it impacts you and how well it fits into your personal circumstances. Sometimes your limitations will cause you to focus more heavily on one thing over the other or perhaps you will find yourself unsure of which to choose. When that happens, it really is just a matter of weighing up all of your options and choosing the one that will be best for you in the long term. If you only think in terms of the short term, you could end up making the wrong choice.