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The Future Of Driving – What Will We Meet Further Down The Road?

Cars and the automotive industry have come a long way over the past fifty years. From the very early cars in the early 1900s, to the sporty cars of the 1960s, it sure has been one very interesting drive.

If you’re like us, you are probably dying to know where the world of driving will go in the coming fifty years. Will advanced cars like James Bond’s fancy Aston Martin become the norm? Or maybe we will be able to time travel with a car like the one out of the Back to the Future movies?

The truth is, no one can really know what the future holds for cars. But some experts have some intriguing ideas and forecasts. Here are some roads that the auto industry might travel down…



Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are almost here already. Thanks to some major technological advances, we now have the software and artificial intelligence available to make cars that can actually drive themselves. In fact, big corporations including Google, are said to be on the brink of introducing these to for the public to buy. But why are self-driving cars so important? Firstly, they will mean that you might not have to visit the likes of Elan Law Automobile Accident Attorney quite so often as cars that drive themselves are believed to be a lot safer than those that have a human behind the wheel. That’s because most accidents occur because of poor human reaction times.


There are already a handful of electric cars out there on the road today, and it is believed that this form of fuelling will soon become the norm. It is forecast that electric cars will soon overtake gas cars before long, though. Especially as more and more people become increasingly aware of the issues that petrol and diesel cars are causing for the environment. Plus, lots of people are switching to electric cars because they can be a whole lot cheaper to run. First of all, that’s because you can get lots of tax relief on these green cars. Not only that, though, but plugging them into a mains socket works out a lot cheaper than buying fuel all the time!


Did you know that there is also one other aspect of driving that self-driving cars might have an effect on? And that is car ownership. Car sharing will become a lot more common, as people won’t need to have one that belongs to them. Rather than buying your very own car, it is thought that most people will rely on leasing their cars for a specific period of time. Plus, once companies like Lyft and Uber start to roll out their own driverless vehicles, cars could constantly be booked by people whenever and wherever they need them.

So, the next fifty years could signal some major changes for the automotive industry and the everyday driver. Do you think these changes are something to look forward to? Let us know!