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5 Car Faults You Need To Fix Today

Cars break down. It usually happens at the most inconvenient times. When is it ever convenient for the car to stop working? Of course, many breakdowns actually start with a fault that could have been fixed before things got worse. And some of the faults are often signs that something is very, very wrong with your vehicle. Here are just 5 car faults you really shouldn’t ignore – get them fixed today!

Anything On A Recall List

Do check the recall list for your manufacturer. It’s rare that vehicles have to be recalled, but when they are, it’s for very good reasons. Faulty bonnet catches, parking brakes that fail, and even engine fires have been reported before a manufacturer issues a recall. Usually, a letter is sent to the first registered owner. If that wasn’t you or you’ve moved house, you might not find out about it until it’s too late. Check the list, and opt-in for updates if you’re worried.

Engine Warning Light

That warning light is there for a reason. It actually means danger. Sure, your car is still going, and everything feels fine. But what if there is a blockage and poisonous fumes are getting into your car? You might not even know about it until you’ve lost consciousness at sixty miles per hour. Pull over and call for help. It’s better to get it fully checked out rather than risk something nasty. Even if it just cuts out while you’re on the road, that can be dangerous for you and every other driver out there.


Don’t ignore your instrument panel – picture provided by Pexels

Damage To Tire

You’ve spotted a nail in your wheel, but the pressure seems OK. Leave it, right? Not if you want to be safe on the road. You might be at risk of a dramatic blowout that causes you to lose control of your vehicle. Even if the puncture slowly leaks air, chances are you’re on an undriveable flat before you get home. Do you really want to risk being stranded with a flat? Come on – nobody likes changing wheels on the highway! If you’re not too confident about changing them, head to an auto repair center so the wheel can be checked thoroughly.


Don’t risk it – picture provided by Pexels

Lights Not On

Beyond the safety aspect, tail lights and headlights that aren’t on after dark will cause you more problems than you want. You’re going to be earmarked for a pull-over by law enforcement. This can make you late, delay you getting home, and warrant a full police check! They might also query every other dent, bump or scratch on your vehicle. Avoid the hassle by pulling into a good garage now and getting fresh bulbs for your lamps.

Damage To The Windscreen

Any chip can quickly and easily turn into a crack. Sudden changes in temperature or a downpour of rain might be all it takes. Of course, once it has cracked, it’s not likely to be legal to drive. This can result in you being pulled over and the car being towed away! Not convenient at all. Perhaps worse still is the fact that a collision or bird impact could cause the glass to shatter all over you. It’s dangerous, so get it fixed today.

Do you have anything that you need to get fixed today?


Dodge The Cowboys And Find Your Perfect Mechanic!

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a close friend or family member who’s a mechanic, it can be a little hard to know who you can trust. Although you may love cars, and know more about the workings of an engine than the average person, I’m sure you’ll agree that you’re under qualified to handle all of your maintenance yourself! Seen as you’re going to have to hire a mechanic now and then, here are some tips for finding the best one possible.

Ask Friends and Family

You may not think it, but one of the best ways to find a good mechanic is through word-of-mouth referrals. Provided it comes from someone you can trust, and they have nothing to gain by twisting the story of their experience, a single recommendation from a friend can be worth ten times as much as any marketing campaign. The next time you’re out with a few friends or relatives, ask them about any experiences they’ve had with local mechanics. If it’s a matter of urgency, get onto Facebook and throw the question out for anyone to answer. They may not know all the details about the work they had done, but they’ll usually be able to give you an honest, no-nonsense recommendation.

Go Online


Image from Wikimedia

Okay, so maybe your friends and family haven’t been all that lucky with their mechanics. If they can only tell you who not to go to, rather than who delivers great service, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Luckily for you, it’s 2017, and that means it’s easier than ever to find honest, impartial reviews on any kind of service! By visiting sites like Yelp, or more specialised ones like http://whocanfixmycar.com, you’ll be able to research different auto shops in your area, and compare them on things like their rates and working standards. Even checking out the businesses on Google+ and Facebook can give you a pretty good idea of what their customers are saying about them. Just make sure you’re taking these reviews with a pinch of salt. If one place has a lot of really great and really poor reviews, find out who’s leaving them and what they’re citing. Furthermore, if the business is particularly large, make sure you’re taking proportions into account. If the auto shop serves a lot of people, but seem to have a lot of bad reviews, these could only be a small proportion of the overall vote.

Stake it Out in Person

Although a combination of my two earlier points will usually guide you to a great mechanic, to be safe I’d recommend visiting the auto shop in person and judging it with your own two eyes. While the price should certainly be an important factor in your search, your overall customer experience should also be taken into account. Before you put a penny down for your repairs, drive out to the garages you’re considering going to and do a little stakeout. If something about the business doesn’t rub you the right way, it’s usually a good idea to cross it off the list.