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Be Your Own Mechanic


Are you getting tired of all the money you are spending on your car in your local garage? It’s true that hiring a mechanic for all the repairs and maintenance can be very expensive but, unfortunately, all of the checks that they carry out are extremely important. After all, you’d rather drive a safe vehicle than one that could put you in any danger, right?

Well, you might be very happy to hear that there are a number of these checks that you will be able to carry out on your own. You don’t always have to take your car to the mechanic and pay the expensive bills – you can do some of it yourself! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience of mechanics; most checks and small jobs are very easy to do. Here are some that you should be able to do on your own at home.



Replace Spark Plugs

You might think that a job like replacing a car’s spark plugs would be quite complicated but, in actual fact, it is very easy indeed. Ideally, you should replace these plugs after 30,000 miles but it doesn’t matter too much if you leave it till slightly later. Just don’t leave it for too long, though! This job usually takes around thirty minutes so make sure you have the time to carry it out and all the right tools too – you’ll need a ratchet wrench, socket extension, and spark plug socket. First of all, locate your spark plugs. They should be easy to find as they are on the end of some big rubber wires. Remove one wire at a time – don’t remove them all at once as that can be dangerous! You can remove the first spark plug using your wrench and spark plug socket. Then just install the new one by screwing it on with the wrench. Make sure you don’t tighten it too much. Once you have done one wire, you can then move onto the next!



Change A Tyre

Another job that you should be able to do is change a tyre. Imagine if you get a flat tyre while you are out and about – it could take a few hours for a mechanic to be able to get out to fix things for you, so it’s much more efficient to be able to do this yourself. First of all, you just need a spare tyre in your car at all times. If you contact Telle Tire, they’ll be able to fix you up with one that suits your car. Before you start changing your tyre, make sure no one is inside and that the handbrake is firmly on. Then remove the wheel cover or hubcap. Once you can see the wheel nuts, use a wrench to loosen and remove them. You should then be able to pull the wheel towards you. Once it has been removed, put the spare wheel into place and then put the nuts into it. Make sure they are nice and tight so that they don’t fall off! Finally, put the wheel cover or hubcap back on. All done!



Change Your Oil

It’s also really simple to change the oil in your car as well. There’s no real reason why anyone should have to take their vehicle to a mechanic to get this done. Most car experts agree that the oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or so. However, depending on the exact type of car you have, you might be able to get away with waiting until the 5,000 mile point. First of all, remember that you should never attempt to change the oil while the engine is hot. If you think it might be, always wait a couple of hours until it has completely cooled down. So, first things first; you need to locate the oil pan. Take off the drain plug so that all the old oil will drain into the pan. Once you’ve done that, replace the plug. Then you need to take off the old oil filter. You should use a wrench to do this. Replace it with a new oil filter. Use a funnel to fill up the engine with some new oil. Once you’ve added some oil, use a dipstick to check the levels and make sure that there is enough new oil in the car. If there isn’t, simply top it up with a little more until you get the right amount in. Ok, so this may be a very dirty job, but it is also very important – don’t skip it, whatever you do!

Inspect Your Battery

Looking after your battery will ensure that your car runs very smoothly for as long as possible. It also cuts down the risk of you ever finding your battery completely flat! So, it’s necessary to carry out regular checks on the battery to make sure it is always in peak condition. The best thing to do is to check the connection. First of all, remove the battery from its position and then simply clean the posts. You should clean these with a solution of baking powder and water for a thorough clean. Then rinse off the solution with some clean water. Use some old tea towels or rags to dry the posts. Make sure they are completely dry, and then put the battery back in position. Keeping the battery posts as clean as possible will help to improve the connection. Even just a few specks of dust or small particles on them will weaken the connection between the battery and the car, and this could make the battery a lot less efficient. You could experience a few different car issues as a result.

Hopefully, all of the above jobs will be easy enough for you to handle on your own! They might take a bit of practice to start off with, but you should find that they become a lot easier to do over time. And your car maintenance will work out a lot cheaper!


What You’ll Wish You Knew About Opening An Auto Shop

If you’ve got the expertise, the experience, and the funding to open your own auto shop, then you have the potential to get into a most lucrative business. Everyone with a car needs a mechanic, after all. But just having those resources alone isn’t enough. Just like every business, there are a few industry home truths worth learning that, when ignored, can pose a real danger of shutting you down before you even really have the chance to get running.


Image sourced by elijay

It’s all location, location, location

Where there are people, there are going to be cars. But where there are cars, there’s a good chance there will also be mechanics already setting up shop. When choosing a location for your business, make sure you keep competition in mind. If the volume of the market is big enough, you could set up right beside them and have no trouble attracting customers. However, if you’re competing for a less dense market, it’s best to choose another location that’s convenient, easy-to-reach, and closer to customers that aren’t already near an auto shop.

You need to lock down your supply early

Whether you’re running an auto shop, a glass repair shop, a body detailing store or anything else, you need to have a steady supply rolling by the time your doors open up. Whether it’s sourcing parts from manufacturers, equipment from auto body tools suppliers or anyone else, if you don’t have the supplier-business relationship set up, you could find yourself without the resources you need to actually keep the business up and running. Every business should have a backup supplier, too. After all, existing suppliers might have their own supply chain issues or might have to close up, whether permanently or temporarily. Always have a backup plan.

Trust is crucial

You need to be more than good at repairing autos. You have to be reliable, trustworthy, and worth your customers time. When people are looking at more affordable ways to fix up their cars, for instance, it’s because the mechanics around them overcharge. It can be tempting to earn more on every job by finding opportunities to throw on additional costs and charges or unnecessary fixes, but it’s a lot more profitable in the long-term to build the trust that guarantees repeat customers.

Marketing is not optional

Regardless of where you are, nowadays, online marketing is a crucial tool for your repair shop. You have to be visible to your market, and more and more of them are turning to the internet to help them find the services near them. When you offer the same kinds of services as the other businesses around you, it’s often the brand that makes the deciding factor in the eyes of the consumer. Don’t treat marketing like it’s just an aside to the real business. Invest time and money into making your brand as professional and as easy-to-see as possible.

If you start an auto repair shop without taking the above considerations in mind, you are setting yourself up for a fall. Get as best prepared as possible before you start your venture.


5 Car Faults You Need To Fix Today

Cars break down. It usually happens at the most inconvenient times. When is it ever convenient for the car to stop working? Of course, many breakdowns actually start with a fault that could have been fixed before things got worse. And some of the faults are often signs that something is very, very wrong with your vehicle. Here are just 5 car faults you really shouldn’t ignore – get them fixed today!

Anything On A Recall List

Do check the recall list for your manufacturer. It’s rare that vehicles have to be recalled, but when they are, it’s for very good reasons. Faulty bonnet catches, parking brakes that fail, and even engine fires have been reported before a manufacturer issues a recall. Usually, a letter is sent to the first registered owner. If that wasn’t you or you’ve moved house, you might not find out about it until it’s too late. Check the list, and opt-in for updates if you’re worried.

Engine Warning Light

That warning light is there for a reason. It actually means danger. Sure, your car is still going, and everything feels fine. But what if there is a blockage and poisonous fumes are getting into your car? You might not even know about it until you’ve lost consciousness at sixty miles per hour. Pull over and call for help. It’s better to get it fully checked out rather than risk something nasty. Even if it just cuts out while you’re on the road, that can be dangerous for you and every other driver out there.


Don’t ignore your instrument panel – picture provided by Pexels

Damage To Tire

You’ve spotted a nail in your wheel, but the pressure seems OK. Leave it, right? Not if you want to be safe on the road. You might be at risk of a dramatic blowout that causes you to lose control of your vehicle. Even if the puncture slowly leaks air, chances are you’re on an undriveable flat before you get home. Do you really want to risk being stranded with a flat? Come on – nobody likes changing wheels on the highway! If you’re not too confident about changing them, head to an auto repair center so the wheel can be checked thoroughly.


Don’t risk it – picture provided by Pexels

Lights Not On

Beyond the safety aspect, tail lights and headlights that aren’t on after dark will cause you more problems than you want. You’re going to be earmarked for a pull-over by law enforcement. This can make you late, delay you getting home, and warrant a full police check! They might also query every other dent, bump or scratch on your vehicle. Avoid the hassle by pulling into a good garage now and getting fresh bulbs for your lamps.

Damage To The Windscreen

Any chip can quickly and easily turn into a crack. Sudden changes in temperature or a downpour of rain might be all it takes. Of course, once it has cracked, it’s not likely to be legal to drive. This can result in you being pulled over and the car being towed away! Not convenient at all. Perhaps worse still is the fact that a collision or bird impact could cause the glass to shatter all over you. It’s dangerous, so get it fixed today.

Do you have anything that you need to get fixed today?