The First Impressions of the New Jaguar XF 2015


Jaguar have unleashed the new XF in spectacular style. Rather than just driving it around in front of a crowd of journalists, Jaguar drove it across the water of a London dock. It was the world’s longest high wire water crossing in a car. The wires were only 34mm wide, and the car was balanced 18 metres above the water.

The unveiling itself was incredible, but let’s not forget about the actual car. Of course, the idea of the stunt was to show that the car is agile and precise, able to take on all kinds of challenges, and it certainly delivered that message. The XF was in need of an upgrade; it’s now been seven years since the old model won all kinds of awards on its original release.

So, what’s new with the 2015 XF? Have Jaguar pulled it out the bag again? Here are our first impressions.


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The New Look

The car has been built entirely in the UK, and one of the main new features Jaguar have been boasting about is the improved craftsmanship. The chassis is light and made of aluminium. With the body looking as sleek and smooth as you’d expect from Jaguar these days. We’ve only seen it in white, but it’s looking great so far.

Elegance is the only thing Jaguar know how to do, and the new XF doesn’t disappoint. It’s a coupe body and has a new grille. The car is slightly shorter too; this is barely noticeable, but anything that makes it look more dynamic and move a bit more smoothly can only be a good thing.


As I mentioned above, the craftsmanship is a big deal for Jaguar right now. The whole interior now feels much more solid and well-built as a result. There is significantly more leg room too. The seats have been redesigned and tailored to the size of the car, making it feel much more spacious.

The technology on offer inside the XF is a step ahead of the competition. Each model comes fitted with a 10-inch touchscreen which forms part of the new InControl Touch Pro system. You don’t have to sacrifice entertainment for functionality though. You can see navigation info while your entertainment goes on playing.


The one problem the Jaguar may have is in toppling the competition. There are a lot of high-quality luxury sedans out there right now. Ford are piling on the pressure by recently announcing the return of the Lincoln Continental. And you can already pick up a Ford Taurus for a good price at a second-hand auto mall. Jaguar has prestige but can they compete?

The company will be sure they can, but it won’t be a certainty. There’s a long way to go before they can claim a dominance in this niche of the market.

Specs & Availability

Full technical specifications aren’t yet available but should be released soon. After touring a few motor shows around the world, the car will be released in the Autumn. Prices are yet to be confirmed, but don’t expect it to be cheap!

The car’s environmental impact seems to have been a major concern for Jaguar; it’s said to do 70 mpg and emit about 104g/km of carbon dioxide. And that’s pretty good going.

It’s still early days for the new Jaguar XF 2015, but things are looking positive for the car. An increased level of craftsmanship, an effort to reduce emissions and the reliable Jaguar design should make the car a success.

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