BMW E30 3 Series: How To Customize This Future Classic



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The BMW E30 3 Series is on almost every future classic car list. They have it all; a good badge, a distinctive shape, practicality, engine, comfort, everything you want from a car, including an attractive price tag. No car is perfect, though.

Just like cars nowadays, classic car’s were also designed, developed and made to be marketable to a wide range of people. The wider the audience the more sales they make; it’s simple psychology, and the E30 is no exception. As such, it is only natural if you want to make some tweaks. The only thing you have to consider is looking like a knob.

You have bought a future classic car, and that means any upgrades have got to fit the bill. They need to balance class and use style and necessity. Which is why we have come up with a list customizations and easy enhancements that will meet this requirement. Long live your E30 3 Series.

Custom Upholstery

A lot of the time, cars can get away with having aftermarket seats put in and it look cool. But not with a classic. But that is where custom upholstery comes in. You experience your car from the inside out, so why not focus on this. Get some nice soft leather, monochrome with bold diamond stitching. Or white stitching on black. Anything really. So long as it isn’t bright yellow on purple, or something equally garish, you should be fine.

Chrome Exhaust

This is a great upgrade to make on your E30, but you have to be careful. Don’t be one of those tools that buy a performance exhaust just to make their car sound louder. Having a classic car is something to be enjoyed, whether it be driving down country lanes, road tripping with your family or enjoying the company of your lady friend, all of this requires some level of quiet. So go with something that fits your E30, adds a little growl and maybe even a few HPs. then you’ll have a winner.

Radio Player

The world has been turned on its head by one thing and one thing only; technology. The advancements in tech have changed the way life is led, and this is especially true in cars, and even truer in terms of the car radio. Your E30 may have a working radio, but factory installed DIN head units don’t offer much. As such, it is well worth investing in the best single DIN head unit you can get for your money. It will bring your car back to life a bit and make driving it that much more enjoyable. We are all suckers for those little extra features that new tech offers, and your E30 will be no different.

Paint Job

BMW E30 3 Series are one of the coolest and most practical future classic cars out there. They are head turners. They are the kind of vehicle that gets a nod of approval from even the sternest petrolheads, so make sure you give them something to stare at. A new lick of paint will do just this. Once again, your BMW will be a classic one day, so keep that in mind when you go for color and style. Nothing silly. Just class and sophistication, even if you go black and make it pop with chrome alloys or a chrome grill. That would be cool and classy.

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