Trouble In The 4×4 World


The world of motor enthusiast shows has become synonymous with displays of high-level driving as well as daredevil stunts, due to the attraction of seeing experts in their trade.

Most of the time this doesn’t cause any issues, but in March 2017 Australian 4WD Action magazine found itself under scrutiny because of questions regarding their driving in the Tasmanian outback. The off-road magazine was filming for a DVD they released earlier this year.

The accusation was that the driving exhibited in the release may not have shown enough due care for the environment. Other 4WD enthusiasts have commented that things like the wheel spinning, and the overall style of driving in general, is what raised their concerns. Check out a clip from the video, and take a look at one of the columns that were involved in the fallout to see what you think.



As you can imagine, the magazine was angry at this suggestion, and wasn’t shy about hitting back at the allegations. The crux of the matter is that it was reported that the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service had concerns after viewing the DVD, so one would naturally imagine that Australian 4WD Action magazine was contacted by them. Shaun Whale, from 4WD Action, says that they weren’t however. So in the end, we are left with an ongoing debate.

As always however, Australia remains one of the world’s centers for the innovation and use of off-road vehicles. The country boasts some of the most customized components made for a 4×4, from a person looking for the most up-to-date 4WD suspension in Perth, to the outdoor entertainment that their many 4Wding shows provide each year.

Of course, every community occasionally has its own conflicts. To date, it’s still being contended whether or not any inappropriate driving took place, and the issue is also linked to the national and local policies that govern the tracks being used.



This last point strikes at some of the core issues that have been debated in Australia for many decades, and remains as contentious as ever. This is namely because many of the tracks in places like Tasmania are Aboriginal grounds and the affect that the repeated use of them – especially by 4WDs – has been discussed at length in the Australian courts.

So far, many of these tracks on the Tasmanian west coast have remained closed. The only complication comes from the fact that some tracks, like those seen in the 4WD Action DVD, are not open the entire way along, which can cause confusion in itself. It’s unlikely that the debates about what is best for many parts of Australia’s landscape will ever cease altogether when it comes to the use of 4WDs, since the vehicle type has been an integral part of their culture for so long.

Here lays the argument against such bans, since some also say that the driving restrictions have a negative impact on how easy it is to visit certain areas, reducing their economic growth and flexibility.

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