Mono = One, Graph = Graph: Infiniti Debuts QX80 Monograph Concept

The Infiniti QX80 Monograph will show in New York next week.

With the arrival of the Nissan Armada, based on the Patrol, the Infiniti QX80—which is itself a version of the Patrol—is in the unenviable position of playing the role of con artist. While the two body-on-frame SUVs may wear different front and rear ends, the duo share nearly identical interiors and mechanical components. Why, then, pay $ 64,845 for a base Infiniti QX80 when you can purchase a very nearly equally opulent top-of-the-line Nissan Armada Platinum for $ 6160 less?

Infiniti is aware of the pickle it has found itself in, and the QX80 Monograph appears to be the brand’s path to put the con to an end and once again embrace life on the straight and narrow. Although Infiniti bills the QX80 Monograph concept as a design study, we are all but certain the Monograph’s mug will make its way to the production SUV in the near future, which is a good thing, because the current QX80’s low-slung headlights and tall grille have always struck us as an odd and unattractive combination. The Monograph fixes things by moving the headlights higher, while an even taller and wider grille works with a busy but attractive lower fascia to give the concept a degree of presence the current SUV simply lacks.

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Along with improving the QX80’s face, Infiniti’s Atsugi, Japan, design studio also added modern touches such as side vents mounted lower on the front fenders, a set of slick multi-spoke wheels, and a more aggressive cut to the SUV’s D-pillar. Typical concept touches such as flush-mounted door handles and what appear to be side-mounted cameras in place of mirrors are unlikely to see the light of day. Whether Infiniti has chosen to bless the Monograph with a new rear end or an even plusher interior befitting the QX80’s luxury-brand status remains to be seen. We’ll know more when the company officially pulls the wraps off on April 11. Nevertheless, the Monograph concept seemingly signals the coming end to the QX80’s days as the Lyle Lanley of the Infiniti model line.

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