Battle Of The Big Boys: 4WD Buys


The world of 4 wheel drive is exciting. An elite group of cars that offer you incredible grip and usability. Ok, so they aren’t as fun as their RWD cousins, who can be thrown into drifts and get tail happy in the rain, but unless your name is Mario Andretti, you probably won’t need to be throwing those kinds of shapes on the road. So, 4WD, or All wheel drive, is likely to be the best and safest option for any family car and we are checking out some of the best.

If you want real hard lined militarian cool, then the Mercedes-Benz has a legendary reputation among 4WD fans, this is thanks to two vehicles. The commercial-duty Unimog 4X4s they sell everywhere but in the U.S., and the G-Wagen.


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The G series was originally developed in the 1970’s for the international armed forces. Think Hummer, and you get the idea. Today it is virtually unchanged from the original roots. You just get a whole lot more luxury thrown it. Every G-Wagen, even the 536-hp AMG model, comes with electronically activated locking differentials. Only the Jeep Rubicon and Ram Power Wagon match that capability! The price might make you wince though. A G500 starts at just under $115,000.

We can’t talk about 4WD without mentioning the impressive 411-hp, 6.2-liter V-8 Raptor. This car is so quick you could easily forget it is a truck. The suspension, wide track and giant 35-inch tires make this pick-up something else when you take it off the tarmac. The Raptor is pure luxury but completely usable. Looking mean on the street and off the road too. There is a new Raptor in the pipeline so if you want to buy arguably one of the best SUV’s on the market, then it may be worth waiting and opting for a second-hand bargain.


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The Subaru is a different kind of all wheel drive beast. We are talking the WRX Sti. This wasn’t introduced into America until 2004. Subaru had won the World Rally Championship a couple of times and the world was going mad for it’s blue and gold wheel livery.  By 2006 it was boasting a 2.5-liter turbocharged inter cooled EJ255 unit for more torque and 230 horsepower. The WRX ran on 17″ wheels now and got fatter. If you want to find a used car that is retro awesome but entirely modern, then this is the place to start.

Most of us think of 4×4 as being the big, cool trucks you see on Diesel Brothers, but the Subaru proves you can enjoy all wheel drive in a saloon style car. Harnessing all that great stability and ability to drive on a variety of terrains, while ensuring you are safe.

Try out some of the four wheel drive alternatives and find your next new car. We have listed a few of our favorites, but there are some cool options available now. Look to the Europeans if you want to boost your eco level, or if you fancy raw power, then our home brands have it all!

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