2017 Jaguar F-Pace S: The Jaguar of Crossover SUVs

-This isn’t déjà vu. Once again we’re putting a Jaguar F-Pace S through its . . . ahem . . . paces, despite having done so just a few months ago. Why? Because the first F-Pace S we tested was a First Edition model, one of only 275 that will be produced by the British brand. The $ 71,695 First Edition also is the only F-Pace variant that wears a set of sticky, summer-rated Pirelli P Zero tires as standard equipment—and for that reason it’s not exactly the most representative version of Jaguar’s new, mass-market SUV. So Jaguar sent us the Glacier White F-Pace S shown here, which rides on 20-inch Goodyear Eagle F1 AT SUV-4×4 tires as the standard fitment (in contrast to the First Edition’s 22-inch Pirellis).  READ MORE ››

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