2016 Honda Civic Sedan Long-Term Update: How It’s Faring 10K into Our Test

WHAT WE LIKE: After a few months of road-tripping, commuting, and tooling around in the 10th-generation Civic (a.k.a. Civic X), it’s clear that the new car’s chassis is a solid achievement on Honda’s part. Its dynamic fundamentals—things like going, stopping, and turning—are near the top of the compact class, with our editors praising the responsive steering, the composed ride quality, and the progressive feel of the brake pedal. Although the turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four may not evoke high-revving fevered dreams as did the Honda VTEC four-bangers of yore, it delivers torque low down in the rev range, which mitigates our criticisms of the continuously variable automatic transmission. Several drivers proclaimed this Civic’s CVT to be among the best of its kind for the way it modulates torque smoothly and unobtrusively, rarely eliciting the loud moaning from the engine that often accompanies this transmission type. Additionally, the powertrain is delivering an impressive average of 35 mpg thus far, exactly matching the EPA combined fuel-economy estimate. READ MORE ››

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