2015 Volkswagen SportWagen First Drive: Yes, It’ll Still Offer a Diesel and a Stick

2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TDI

Most enthusiasts have vehicular tastes that are quite different from those of the average buyer. We understand the qualities that make, say, the Toyota Camry a sales juggernaut, but usually prefer something far less mundane for our daily driver. We love driver involvement, which is why we carry a torch for the manual transmission; we appreciate the efficiency and torque of a diesel engine; and, when we need practicality, we usually shun crossovers for station wagons, which offer similar versatility but with passenger-car performance. But the pickings can be slim in the States if you require just one of these three criteria—and good luck finding them all in one vehicle. Well, outside of a Volkswagen dealership, that is. READ MORE>>

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