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Why The Kia Cadenza Will Make A Safe Addition To Your Family Driveway

If you’re in the market for a reliable and most importantly, safe, family vehicle to drive your loved ones around; you might want to look in the direction of The 2017 Kia Cadenza. As the winner of US News Cars best large family car; it’s worth reading about why you should drive one home. The following are some aspects of the sturdy vehicle to consider, and you’ll be able to make an informed choice when you’re next at the showroom with the wife and kids in tow.


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This spacious car has plenty of interior room to fit your kids, partner, dog, and all their accompanying items inside comfortably. With a decent sized trunk; it’s a great car for family road trips and mini breaks away together. Quality materials, like Nappa leather, are used to make the seats and environment of the Cadenza comfortable, with a luxury feel. Heated seats are an option, so you’ll have the choice to take the car into the luxury vehicle category (and your passengers will be delighted).


When it comes to your family; safety is always going to be a priority when you’re buying a car, as you’ll want to eliminate the risk of anyone being hurt in a car wreck. The Kia Cadenza will help prevent such accidents and does a lot to keep driver and passengers safe. The (optional) safety technology includes both forward collision and blind-spot warning, automated emergency braking, rear-park assistance, and adaptive cruise control; which will all contribute to a peaceful drive and safety peace-of-mind. The car is easy to manoeuvre and will provide your family with a smooth ride down any highway.  


The main feature of the car is the stylish exterior; it’s sleek and doesn’t feel like a typical family car. With a direct fuel injected DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine, the car will take you everywhere at a steady speed, an all family members with their license will feel comfortable when handling it. The car has a front engine, is a front wheel drive, and can comfortably fit five passengers; a great four-door family sedan choice. The suspension on this car makes even the bumpiest of roads feel smooth, so that little ones can sleep soundly on a long drive back home, and nobody’s coffee will get spilt on the Nappa leather. As well as a smooth ride; it’s a quiet and peaceful one, so it’s not for those who crave the roar of a drag-car. However, it’s great for anyone with kids and a family to think about.


With a base price of $44,895; it’s firmly in the family market range, and doesn’t come anywhere near to the luxury car market prices. However, you will obviously increase the cost if you decide to add the extra safety features and any interior upgrades. The Kia Cadenza is a little more expensive than Nissan’s Maxima; however, it costs less than an array of competing full-size sedans, like the Toyota Avalon and Chrysler 300, depending on how much you kit yours out. With such a safe and smooth drive, along with sleek styling and a handsome interior; the Cadenza is a great option for busy family life.