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First Car Dilemma: 5 Reasons Why The Fiat 500 Will Serve You Well



The first car is always the one you’ll remember most. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make the right decision. Otherwise, you’ll be entering a cycle of bad choices that could potentially follow you for years.

Since relaunching roughly a decade ago, the Fiat 500 has been a very popular model for new drivers. The Italian model has had its critics, but there is no question that it’s an option for the shortlist. Here’s why:


As a first-time driver, affordability is everything. After encountering the costs of learning to drive, spending excessive amounts on a car is not advised. The Fiat 500 is surprisingly cheap, especially when you look for used models. This in itself is a huge selling point.

Moreover, insurance for your Italian car won’t break the bank, even as a new driver. When combined with the relatively low running costs, as well as low tax, it’s not hard to see why this model is still so popular.


Safety behind the wheel should always be a priority. Even if you opt for a slightly older Fiat 500, it will boost the key features. Meanwhile, you can always add additional safety features for a small cost. Staying safe on the road never felt so accessible.

Preventing accidents is one thing, but you can never legislate for idiots on the road. Knowing that the Fiat continues to increase its ability to handle crashes for both driver and passengers offers huge comfort.


While the Fiat 500 is a great all-rounder, you probably can find slightly cheaper options on the market. Having said that, value for money is always more important than price alone. As long as you don’t live in a particularly hilly area, choosing this vehicle is the perfect decision.

Regarding city life, you won’t get any better for your buck as a first-time driver. Of course, you should still find out about roadside assistance packages. Nevertheless, a 500 that receives the right maintenance should perform for years. Still, it’s nice to know that spare parts won’t cost a fortune too.


Throughout those early stages of driving, the most common issue you’ll face revolves around parking. When you choose a Fiat 500, those problems are greatly reduced due to the sleek design and relatively small dimensions.

There’s still more than enough cabin space to enjoy the drive, and you can easily get two adults in the back seats too. Meanwhile, the boot space is ample for most first-time drivers without adding size and weight to the car. Perfect.


Even as a first-time driver, you deserve to boast a car that looks fantastic on your driveway. Regardless of choice made between Abarth, 500c, and 500e, your Fiat will do the trick. Better still, the sheer volume of colors available ensures all motorists can find a winning option.

Looks shouldn’t be a concern, but they are. When added to the other key selling points above, it’s clear to see that the 500 is a great option for any newbie on the road. If you’re in the hunt for one in the near future, booking a test drive is advised.


Fiat 500: An All-Round Dream?

When it comes to trying to find a great all-rounder, we need to at least consider the Fiat 500. This is one of those cars which became something of a classic shortly after its initial release. The question here is: is that fair or accurate? Is the Fiat 500 a genuine classic all-rounder of a car? To answer that question, we will need to look at a few specific areas. These are things which most of us want to see in any car, so it is worth looking at these qualities in particular. How does the Fiat 500 fare when put up to this kind of test? Let’s take a look and find out.


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Everybody can agree that the amount of space in a vehicle is hugely important. This is true for anyone, even if you do not personally need a great deal. With the Fiat 500, space is unlikely to ever be a particular problem. Many have said that this model is surprisingly roomy for its size. While this might sound oxymoronic, driving it proves that this is the case. It does seem to have the effect of being larger than it should reasonably be on the inside. This is a real plus for just about driver on the road. The only major downside here: the boot. This is probably slightly too small for your average motorist. This is a shame, as boot size is important for many people.


How does it look? The Fiat 500 is one of those cars which has something of an acquired taste. Then again, you might be one of those who falls in love with it immediately. Either way, there is no denying that a certain artistry has gone into the design of the exterior. This is a vehicle with a kind of trendy, retro look going on – and you can’t say much fairer than that. Regardless of what you tend to want in a car’s looks, you probably won’t be too disappointed here. Another mark for the all-rounder box, then.

Value For Money

To tell the truth, this is somewhere where the Fiat 500 really appeals. Most reviewers seem to be agreed that this model is fantastic value for money. It has a relatively low upfront starting cost, to begin with. But that’s not all. It also boasts some of the lowest insurance prices around – take a look at this Seguros for an example. In terms of ongoing costs, the overall picture is a positive one. It is unlikely that you will need to fork out much for fuel with this car’s level of consumption. What’s more, its high reliability means that you won’t be spending too much on the mechanic either.


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Finally, a look at the actual driveability of the car. This is the most important part for many people, and it certainly can’t be overlooked here. On the whole, the Fiat 500 drives well, and easily enough for most road users. Its handling seems to be some of the smoothest currently going, and that is something anyone can get behind. All in all, a smooth and pleasant ride.