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Dodge Charger Daytona: A Muscle Car For The Modern Era


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Despite the fact that the cars don’t sell well overseas, Dodge remains an American favorite and even now is at the top of the luxury car market in the country. The Charger Daytona is the company’s modern take on performance in an age where the muscle car seems as anachronistic as the horse drawn cart.

The Daytona Charger was revived in 2006. Since then, the car has gone through several upgrades, and the 2017 version is a car that the company hopes will be able to compete in an otherwise popular segment. Like many other cars from the company, the Charger is a two-seater sedan which gives drivers that boulevard cruiser look made famous in the 1960s, but with a decidedly modern twist.

It appears that Dodge wanted to completely break with the past. The original Charger from the 1960s might have been a “muscle” car, but from today’s vantage point, it was hardly muscular. For starters, the car came with drum brakes front and rear, meaning that stopping power was limited. And despite the size of the engine and the bonnet, the amount of power it could generate was also surprisingly lacking.

Today’s Charger is decidedly different. The car has disc brakes front and rear and more than double the horsepower of the original car, all produced by a smaller engine. What’s more, thanks to sites like, it’s much easier to upgrade a Charger once you’ve got one, just in case you want to extract extra performance from the engine. Such a luxury was never available with the original model.

The new Charger comes with a bunch of features current drivers in the luxury market will love. There’s hill start assist for those living near the mountains, airbags all around, heated seats, modern stereo system, and climate control. In fact, the car is so well equipped that it doesn’t really feel like a muscle car at all. It’ll even do 25 miles to the gallon on the highway if you’re careful – about double what the muscle cars of old did.



It sounds like the car has “grown up” and become dull and boring. But this isn’t the experience you get when you’re actually out on the road. When you put your foot down on the gas, it essentially sounds the same as the V8 wedge or the Hemi from 1969 according to In short, it’s incredibly loud and sounds incredible – just what you want if you’re buying a muscle car.

If you like modern technology, you can upgrade the car with all the latest gadgets in the motor industry – for a price, of course. Dodge offers a navigation option for people who want to be able to find their way around new cities. There’s also a parking view option that’ll set you back an extra $1,075. And if you want the upgrade the mirrors, headlamps and get blind spot detection, you’ll have to pay out an additional $550.

Dodge has managed to bring the muscle car into the modern age but without removing the fun factor. And that, at the end of the day, is what its customers want.


Why The Kia Cadenza Will Make A Safe Addition To Your Family Driveway

If you’re in the market for a reliable and most importantly, safe, family vehicle to drive your loved ones around; you might want to look in the direction of The 2017 Kia Cadenza. As the winner of US News Cars best large family car; it’s worth reading about why you should drive one home. The following are some aspects of the sturdy vehicle to consider, and you’ll be able to make an informed choice when you’re next at the showroom with the wife and kids in tow.


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This spacious car has plenty of interior room to fit your kids, partner, dog, and all their accompanying items inside comfortably. With a decent sized trunk; it’s a great car for family road trips and mini breaks away together. Quality materials, like Nappa leather, are used to make the seats and environment of the Cadenza comfortable, with a luxury feel. Heated seats are an option, so you’ll have the choice to take the car into the luxury vehicle category (and your passengers will be delighted).


When it comes to your family; safety is always going to be a priority when you’re buying a car, as you’ll want to eliminate the risk of anyone being hurt in a car wreck. The Kia Cadenza will help prevent such accidents and does a lot to keep driver and passengers safe. The (optional) safety technology includes both forward collision and blind-spot warning, automated emergency braking, rear-park assistance, and adaptive cruise control; which will all contribute to a peaceful drive and safety peace-of-mind. The car is easy to manoeuvre and will provide your family with a smooth ride down any highway.  


The main feature of the car is the stylish exterior; it’s sleek and doesn’t feel like a typical family car. With a direct fuel injected DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine, the car will take you everywhere at a steady speed, an all family members with their license will feel comfortable when handling it. The car has a front engine, is a front wheel drive, and can comfortably fit five passengers; a great four-door family sedan choice. The suspension on this car makes even the bumpiest of roads feel smooth, so that little ones can sleep soundly on a long drive back home, and nobody’s coffee will get spilt on the Nappa leather. As well as a smooth ride; it’s a quiet and peaceful one, so it’s not for those who crave the roar of a drag-car. However, it’s great for anyone with kids and a family to think about.


With a base price of $44,895; it’s firmly in the family market range, and doesn’t come anywhere near to the luxury car market prices. However, you will obviously increase the cost if you decide to add the extra safety features and any interior upgrades. The Kia Cadenza is a little more expensive than Nissan’s Maxima; however, it costs less than an array of competing full-size sedans, like the Toyota Avalon and Chrysler 300, depending on how much you kit yours out. With such a safe and smooth drive, along with sleek styling and a handsome interior; the Cadenza is a great option for busy family life.


First Car Dilemma: 5 Reasons Why The Fiat 500 Will Serve You Well



The first car is always the one you’ll remember most. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make the right decision. Otherwise, you’ll be entering a cycle of bad choices that could potentially follow you for years.

Since relaunching roughly a decade ago, the Fiat 500 has been a very popular model for new drivers. The Italian model has had its critics, but there is no question that it’s an option for the shortlist. Here’s why:


As a first-time driver, affordability is everything. After encountering the costs of learning to drive, spending excessive amounts on a car is not advised. The Fiat 500 is surprisingly cheap, especially when you look for used models. This in itself is a huge selling point.

Moreover, insurance for your Italian car won’t break the bank, even as a new driver. When combined with the relatively low running costs, as well as low tax, it’s not hard to see why this model is still so popular.


Safety behind the wheel should always be a priority. Even if you opt for a slightly older Fiat 500, it will boost the key features. Meanwhile, you can always add additional safety features for a small cost. Staying safe on the road never felt so accessible.

Preventing accidents is one thing, but you can never legislate for idiots on the road. Knowing that the Fiat continues to increase its ability to handle crashes for both driver and passengers offers huge comfort.


While the Fiat 500 is a great all-rounder, you probably can find slightly cheaper options on the market. Having said that, value for money is always more important than price alone. As long as you don’t live in a particularly hilly area, choosing this vehicle is the perfect decision.

Regarding city life, you won’t get any better for your buck as a first-time driver. Of course, you should still find out about roadside assistance packages. Nevertheless, a 500 that receives the right maintenance should perform for years. Still, it’s nice to know that spare parts won’t cost a fortune too.


Throughout those early stages of driving, the most common issue you’ll face revolves around parking. When you choose a Fiat 500, those problems are greatly reduced due to the sleek design and relatively small dimensions.

There’s still more than enough cabin space to enjoy the drive, and you can easily get two adults in the back seats too. Meanwhile, the boot space is ample for most first-time drivers without adding size and weight to the car. Perfect.


Even as a first-time driver, you deserve to boast a car that looks fantastic on your driveway. Regardless of choice made between Abarth, 500c, and 500e, your Fiat will do the trick. Better still, the sheer volume of colors available ensures all motorists can find a winning option.

Looks shouldn’t be a concern, but they are. When added to the other key selling points above, it’s clear to see that the 500 is a great option for any newbie on the road. If you’re in the hunt for one in the near future, booking a test drive is advised.