The Five Best Hybrid Cars On The Road



Just ten years ago, it was difficult to imagine a world where hybrid cars ruled the roads. Nowadays, it seems almost inevitable. The giant leaps made by the auto industry have made electric driving a reality. Not only that, but they’ve made electric driving fun, exciting, and beautiful. Modern electric vehicles aren’t just practical, they’re ferocious!

Some of the fastest cars on the planet are now hybrids. Meanwhile, the infrastructure on our roads is improving for electric vehicles. There are more EV charging station manufacturers than ever before. It’s easier to charge up, and the cars themselves last much longer. The big question is, which is the best hybrid car on the road?

1. Ferrari La Ferrari

Forget the Toyota Prius, there are a generation of new kids on the block. They’re called hybrid supercars, and they are lead by Ferrari La Ferrari. It’s so phenomenal they named it twice. It represents a new breed of supercar, powered by a hybrid engine. Using both electric and petrol engines, it produces an outstanding 1,400 bhp. The Ferrari is in good company too. The Porsche Spyder 918 and McLaren P1 boast similar statistics, and represent the pinnacle of motoring. Hybrid engines are no longer slow or dull. They are the future. But, enough about supercars, what are the best road cars out there?


2. BMW i3 hatchback

Most industry magazines and petrolheads are in agreement here. The BMW i3 is the most advanced hybrid road car available. BMW claim it will stretch to a jaw-dropping 470 mpg due to its powerful electric engine. This is more than six times the efficiency of the first Toyota Prius. We’ve come a long way in a short period of time, that’s for sure. The strange, futuristic design will put some people off. But, there’s no arguing about it’s impressive credentials. No other road car comes close.

3. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

It’s particularly interesting to see a 4×4 so high on this list. Traditionally, these vehicles are the gas guzzling monsters that caused global warming! For the Outlander to hit the roads with such impressive hybrid stats is quite something. Once you’ve subtracted the government grant for efficiency, it’s no more expensive than the diesel version. That makes the Outlander incredible value for money. The car will also reach an impressive 148 mpg, which is unheard of for an SUV.


4. Toyota Prius

Toyota continue to hold the bar high when it comes to hybrid models. After all, they are the company that changed the auto industry. The range of the electric motor is still a problem for some drivers. At only 20 miles, you won’t get far before switching to full petrol. However, efficiency is improving, and the Prius will now turn out 108 mpg.

5. VW Golf GTE

The Volkswagen is one of the few cars that hasn’t switched to a futuristic design or style. It maintains that iconic Golf look, but it drives on a cleaner engine. It’s considered a performance hybrid. It will generate a staggering 188 mpg, but also hit a top speed of 138 mph. This is what you get when speed and efficiency collide.

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