Subaru updates EyeSight system with colour-detecting cameras

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2014 Subaru EyeSight

Subaru is giving its EyeSight driver assistance camera system a major upgrade for the 2015 model year with new colour cameras, as well as reducing its size by 15 per cent over the rather bulky original system.

Subaru locates its EyeSight hardware inside the vehicle at the top of the windshield, which is unlike most other camera-based systems that have their hardware mounted somewhere in the front fascia. The benefit is that these rather expensive components are protected from any detritus that may hit the car, but the original system’s size ate up a chunk of the driver’s outward view. Thus, the shrinkage should be appreciated by new owners.

The upgraded stereo cameras have a 40-per cent longer and wider detection range than the original system’s cameras, and their ability to see color allows the system to recognize brake lights at a speed differential of 48 km/h (30 miles per hour), instead of 30 km/h (19 mph) before. And as before, EyeSight continues to offer adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and pre-collision breaking that can slow the car automatically if an imminent accident is detected, even bringing the vehicle to a complete stop.

Along with the upgrades to EyeSight, Subaru is adding several new radar-based safety assist systems, as well. Blind Spot Detection uses side- and rear-mounted radar to detect traffic in the car’s blind spot, while Lane Change Assist uses the same tech to display a warning in the side view mirrors if a car is coming, and a new Rear Cross Traffic Alert system can detect vehicles up to 7 metres (23 feet) behind the car.

Subaru says it will also be offering EyeSight on more models than before, though aside from mentioning that the new system will be available on cars sometime in 2014, stopped short of mention which ones specifically and when. Scroll down for the official press release.

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