Your Car Parts That Need Replacing



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Given that you have clicked on this article, chances are you know a little something about the way a car works, you are just not 100% sure about how often certain car parts need replacing. Don’t worry. This is totally common. What’s more, it is way better that you check than run the risk of running your car into the ground.

That is why we have come up with a list of the most common car parts that will most likely need replacing. So sit back, relax, and start making some notes that you can then check against your next service.

Your Windscreen Wipers

There is no set rule to this one, but these typically need replacing every 12 to 18 months. Of course, different factors can come into play here, such as the climate you live in and whether you store your car inside or out.

Your Oil Needs

Oil has to be one of the most overlooked replacements of any car. In short, most people don’t change their oil – or the filter – enough. To clear up this little area of gray a little bit more, you should change your oil – and filter- roughly every 4,000 miles to 6,000 miles. This will ensure your engine runs smooth, clean and efficiently.

Your Battery

Another area of misinformation, but you should undergo a car battery replacement at least every 5 years. Of course, most people simply wait until their current battery has completely died on them, but this can have repercussions on the health and wellbeing of your car. It is also important to note that mileage doesn’t have any impact on your battery life. However, small journeys tend to use up the battery and long journeys help them recover.

Your Brake Pads

This is another area where variables can come into play and have a big effect, but typically brake pads will last between 30,000 and 65,000 miles. The kind of variables that we are talking about includes the make and model of your car, the age, the inner lining, the kind of driver you are and what the weather conditions tend to be like where you are.

Your Tyres

We tend to say that tyres can last up to about 5 years. However, this is massively affected by the amount of driving you actually do per year. That isn’t the only thing that can affect the lifespan of your tires, though. Once again, the style of driving you to use can have a big effect, as can the wear rating of the tyres you own. As such, always keep an eye on the thread depth, and don’t let it go below 3mm as a rule.

Your Spark Plugs

There are different types of spark plugs, but most of them are either platinum or iridium, both of which tend to get to about the 100,000-mile mark before they need replacing. However, as a little tip, a lot of short distance driving can have a big impact and reduce their lifespan quite dramatically. So make sure you speak to the mechanic every time you have a service. They’ll be able to guide you properly.

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