Wow! 3 Ways You Can Use Your Car For Advertising


The great thing about cars is that they’re more versatile than we think. Not only can a car be used to get from A to B, but it can also be used for advertising purposes. If this is something that might interest you, then take a look at the different ways you can advertise using your car:

Bumper Stickers

Perhaps the easiest way you can use your car for advertising purposes is with a bumper sticker. These are stickers you can attach to your car bumper, providing the cars behind you with a little bit of information. What’s great about these stickers is they’re very low-key compared to other ideas out there. You don’t have to change anything about the way your car looks, it’s just a subtle stick on the back that’s meant for people in the cars behind you. These stickers are excellent for advertising services and giving people a number they can call. Perfect if you’re a handyman or contractor that’s looking for new customers. Also, thanks to their subtlety, you can use them to advertise things for other people too. Perhaps you have a friend that wants their business promoted, or maybe the company you work for wants some free advertising? Either way, bumper stickers are classic and effective.


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Vinyl Wraps

Another way you can use your car for advertising purposes is to give it a nice vinyl wrap. These wraps, often known simply as car wraps, will bring a whole new look to your car. It will cover your vehicle with colourful vinyl that display all sorts of information. If you have a home business, you can wrap your car so that your brand logo is displayed on the side doors for passers-by to see. These wraps are a great way to display information for all the other drivers and pedestrians to see when you drive. The best thing is, they’re semi-permanent which means the wraps won’t come off unless you want them to. What’s more, you can get these wraps on your car from other companies too. There are businesses that will pay you to advertise your company on your car using a wrap. So, if you fancy earning some extra cash every month, this is a great idea for you. Perhaps it can go towards buying a new car in the future?!


Finally, you can use your car to advertise many things with loudspeakers. If you attach loudspeakers to your car, you can shout out about loads of things as you drive around. It certainly gets the attention of pedestrians and informs them of things too. This method is ideal if you’re advertising a local event such as a yard sale, firework display, or parade. It’s not very subtle, but it gets the job done.

Crazy, right? Who knew a simple car could hold such amazing advertising power. The best thing is, you can advertise your own company or get paid to advertise for other people! So, it’s just another way to earn some extra dosh.

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