Why The Subaru Tribeca Makes A Great Family Car



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When you’re buying a car just for yourself, your only limit is usually budget. Most people will usually choose something that they like the look of, and that feels nice to drive. But when you have children and you’re on the hunt for a car for the entire family, it can get a little trickier. There are more factors than just looks to take into consideration, and the more items on your checklist you have the harder it can be to find something that’s just right. To make it a little easier, we’ve put the spotlight on one vehicle which ticks all the boxes for families- and is a vehicle well worth considering. Meet the Subaru Tribeca!


An MPV or SUV is always going to give you the added benefit of space, which is useful when it comes to busy family life. Even if you only have one or two children, the five or seven seats (depending on the model you pick) gives you the freedom to be able to pick up friends and family members or your children’s friends without having to make multiple trips. There’s also space for the family dogs too! The Subaru Tribeca is a mid sized ‘crossover,’ so while it’s classed as an SUV, it’s spacious without being as colossal in size as some other models. Therefore it’s easier to park get around (especially in urban areas) than a lot of other SUVs. One model comes complete with a moonroof, which also helps it to feel bigger and brighter inside too. The trunk is huge, ideal for large grocery shops, for prams, kids bikes, bringing flatpack furniture home from the store- and everything else you need for family life. The back seats fold down giving further space too if you need it. If you’ve been squashing the family into a hatchback for years, this larger space really is a game changer and can make life much easier.


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Handling and Comfort

As well as being a smaller SUV meaning it’s easier to park, there are also some great features that make the handling on the Tribeca a model worth considering. From a power driver and passenger seat to an efficient turning radius and heated leather upholstered seats, it’s as easy to drive as it is comfortable. Long road trips with the family require a comfortable car, not only does the Subaru Tribeca give you space but it’s comfortable for the driver as well as the passengers. Although it has a ‘sports utility vehicle’ title, don’t be put off if you don’t plan on off roading. Many of today’s models are actually far better suited to busy built up areas and freeways anyway.

Affordable and Economical

Going back to the size, the smaller size of the Subaru Tribeca means it’s not only more affordable to buy than many larger SUVs, but it’s also cheaper to run too. This vehicle can be purchased with 3.0 and 3.6 engine sizes, bearing in mind that some SUVs and other similar vehicles go up to six-litre engines. Family life can be expensive, anyone with kids will tell you that raising them doesn’t come cheap. So a more affordable, economic vehicle is never going to be a bad thing. Subaru is still a luxury brand, and so it can’t be considered ‘cheap’  or ‘inexpensive,’ however compared with vehicles like Land Rover Discovery, Jaguar F-Pace, Porche Macan and other SUVs the Subaru Tribeca works out cheaper to buy. Whether you’ve saved for years or are planning on getting finance to fund the purchase, a lower price tag is a huge bonus.

Safety Features

Safety is an important thing to look at when it comes to any car, but especially a family car. When you have babies and young children on board they are particularly vulnerable in crashes, so you will want to choose a vehicle with plenty of safety features for peace of mind. The Subaru Tribeca boasts six airbags. This includes two for the front passengers, two side impact airbags (which deploy from the outer edge of the front seats) and side curtain airbags. How Stuff Works suggests these are particularly beneficial to have, as in the event of a crash causing the car to roll over you’re much more likely to survive. Automatic braking, electronic stability control, and a rear vision camera come as standard on the Subaru Tribeca. On top of this you have advanced seat belt reminders which are fitted to both front seats. Other features include front seat belt buckles which are mounted on the seats, as well as the upper anchorages being adjustable- this improves the fit of the seat belt. Plus, pretensioners are fitted to the front seat belts to reduce slack in the event of a crash so seatbelt wise it really does perform well. A three point seat belt (providing better protection than a two point seat belt) is fitted to the centre rear seat.


The Subaru Tribeca is considered to be a reliable vehicle, according to research most repairs on these vehicles over a year were minimal and inexpensive- only a small number of people needed repairs costing over $1000. You could always use a specialist like Mick’s Auto Subaru service to quickly and easy get to the route of any issues, as well as to have your car services done. Using a specialist who knows the make of your car is advisable as opposed to a generic car garage,. The last thing you need when you’re doing the school run, picking your kids up from an extra- curricular class or driving to work is a breakdown, so a vehicle that’s proven to be reliable makes it a particularly good family choice.


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So there you have it; if you’re looking for a vehicle that’s not too tough on the wallet while being nice to drive, spacious, safe and reliable, then you won’t go far wrong with this. With its size and the fact that it’s more of a crossover vehicle it’s a little more of an unusual choice, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked all the same.

Are you on the lookout for a new family car? Which models do you have on your shortlist?

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