Why Driving Under The Influence Can Cost You More Than Just Your License




We all know that we shouldn’t even think about getting behind the wheel of a car after we’ve had too much to drink. But this doesn’t stop everyone from taking the risk. Statistics show that fatal accidents caused by drink driving occur every fifty minutes in the USA. This is a staggering amount considering the laws against driving under the influence and the effects it can have. If you get caught driving after a long night of drinking, a suspended license is a popular form of punishment. This can easily be followed by a jail sentence, hefty fines, and your car being destroyed. But getting a DUI can alter your life in the long term too.

It can affect your vehicle insurance

After you have been convicted of DUI, you will be required to have an SR22 from an insurance provider. This is a vehicle insurance policy that can provide you with coverage and help you get your license reinstated. For more information about reinstating your license, go online or contact The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC. However, not all insurance providers are able to provide SR22’s, and they are also notoriously expensive. So you may find that you have to shop around and pay more than you have previously. In addition to this, you might also have the status of being a high-risk person to insure. So even if your insurance provider will work with you, you may be required to pay fees for a new policy. In some cases, it can take years for these fees to experience any kind of reduction.

It can make finding employment difficult

It’s not unheard of for DUI offenders to lose their jobs after being convicted. This is particularly common if the job includes driving and requires a clean license. But losing your job won’t be the end of your problems. Carrying out background checks on potential employees is becoming commonplace in most industries. As your DUI conviction will be stated on your criminal record, this makes it easy for employers to find. This can have a significant impact on whether they hire you or not. This can be an issue you have to deal with from now on as many states don’t allow DUI’s to be expunged after a certain time period.

It can put a strain on your family

A DUI can put a strain on your family in multiple ways. The loss of your car and license could mean your family is unable to travel easily to work or school. The financial aspects from court hearings to fines can also make paying for your home and essential more challenging. This can only be worsened if you aren’t able to find employment. A loss of trust is also common as your loved ones may no longer believe you are able to be responsible or make smart decisions. If you think that you might have a problem with drinking, talk to your doctor or visit the Help Guides website.

Now you know what long term effects of having a DUI are, driving under the influence should not be something you consider. While it’s fun to enjoy yourself, always make sure you have a designated driver or cab fare before you go out.

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