Why Do Teenagers Make Dangerous Drivers?



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Inexperience – This is one of the simplest, but most prevalent causes behind traffic collisions involving teenagers. They’re still getting used to how to operate a vehicle, and learning the rules of the road. Due to this, many young drivers simply aren’t equipped to make the kind of calls to keep themselves safe. Aside from that, many teenagers can be reckless and impulsive, which is obviously dangerous when mixed with inexperience.

Speeding – Teenagers, particularly males, are much more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors, like speeding and taking corners too fast. Aside from that, teenagers are also much more likely to tailgate than older drivers. This, of course, decreases the time they have to react to other cars on the road, and increases the risk of an accident.

Neglecting Seatbelts – Out of every age group on the road, teenagers are typically the most likely to neglect their seatbelts. Statistics have shown that a whole fifth of teenage drivers regularly drive without a seatbelt. This can be a major contributing factor to injuries and deaths in collisions.

Drinking and Driving – Despite the fact that a lot of them aren’t legally allowed to drink, teenage drivers are more likely than any other age group to be involved in alcohol-related crashes, and face DUI charges. This is partially down to peer pressure, and various myths about how you can get off of a DUI charge. There have been recent years where over half of all teenagers killed in traffic collisions had been drinking and driving. If you’re a young driver, or the parent of one, make sure there’s no uncertainty about how dangerous driving under the influence can be.

Distracted Driving – If you’ve spent even a little time around modern teenagers, you’ll know that their phones are an extension of their bodies, and they rarely put the thing down if they can avoid it. Unfortunately, this knee-jerk behavior doesn’t stop for a lot of them when they get behind the wheel of a car. Many accidents involving teenage drivers could have been avoided if they weren’t using their phones. Another big issue is that young drivers can be the first in their circle of friends to get a car, which leads to them regularly giving lifts to the whole gang. You can imagine how hard it is to stay focussed on the road with four teenagers in the car!

Whether you’ve just got your license or you’re a concerned parent, we hope that this post has shed some light on why teenagers are dangerous on the road.

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