Which Volvo Model Makes The Best Family Car & Why?


Volvo has been designing cars since 1937, with their cars coming a long way in the past eight decades. Of all the demographics that Volvo’s vehicles appeal to, families are their largest and most profitable demographic.

If you ask any auto expert about the best car for families, without hesitation they will answer ‘a Volvo.’ For the best part of 100 years, Volvos have set the standards for family cars because of their innovative designs and high-tech safety features.

Since they first launched the three-point seat belt back in 1959 and created the concept of rear-facing car seats, Volvo has been seen as the auto brand that takes safety seriously, which is what has made them such a popular choice for family cars.

Of course, Volvo’s vehicles aren’t just famous for their safety features; they are also renowned for their innovative designs and unique features. As a car manufacturer, Volvo has a lot to offer, and a wide range of cars that are family-friendly. With that in mind, the question is: out of the range of vehicles Volvo has on offer, which is the most family-friendly and why?

To determine which Volvo model is the best fit for your needs, read on – all the best Volvo buying advice is about to be revealed.


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Why are Volvos a family favorite?

There are a range of reasons why Volvos are a family favorite, these range from the fact that Volvo always ensures that each of their vehicles is as safe as possible, to the fact that they come in a range of sizes, making them an ideal option for families of all shapes and sizes.

For a lot of drivers, Volvo’s emphasis on safety in each of their vehicles is what tips the scale. Each of Volvo’s models is fitted with a range of safety features that have been created to reduce the impact of collisions and keep the entire family safe when traveling – these have been developed over the past 80 years and are constantly being improved and revamped. As well as safety features to protect during an accident, many Volvo models also have features that have been developed to help prevent car accidents from occurring in the first place. From the Blind Spot Information System that alerts drivers to when there’s another vehicle in their blind spot to a specialist whiplash protection system – when it comes to safety features Volvo always goes above and beyond.

Another factor that makes Volvo’s vehicles so popular with families is the range of child-friendly features incorporated. Of course, these vary from model to model, but Volvo offers an impressive range of child-friendly features in every one of their vehicles. From their built-in booster seats and baby seat swivel pods that a selection of their XC90 Excellence models have in place, to the onboard wifi hotspots and Apple Carplay, Volvo’s newest models are well equipped for keeping little ones comfortable and occupied while traveling, making it easier for the driver to concentrate.

Then there are the levels of comfort that Volvo’s vehicles can offer the driver and their family. From comfortable seats made from the finest leather to seats that offer massages or heating, and chairs that can be converted into booster seats for the kids, Volvo has got the features that their vehicles offer, spot on.

Another reason that Volvos are a firm favorite among families is because of how well they are built and how long they tend to last, as long as they are well looked after that is. To keep your Volvo ‘healthy’, booking it in for regular check-ups at your local garage via their service department, is a must. It’s easy to see that Volvos are well built due to the warranties that come with them. Volvo offers a range of warranties with each vehicle for different things. For paintwork defects or rust, there’s a three-year warranty. For three years or within 60,000 miles, whichever comes first, there’s a warranty for faulty components. For eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, there’s a warranty for the battery. For 12 years, any rust that is contributed to the manufacturer due to a fault will be rectified under warranty.


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Which models are most family-friendly?

Volvo always aims to offer a range of models within each vehicle range, to offer a selection of vehicle options. There are currently seven Volvo ranges on the market; these include the XC90, XC60, V90, S90, V60, S60, and the V40. Within each of these ranges, there are a selection of models to choose from, each of which comes with a range of the same features as well as a selection of different ones.

For example, in the S60 range, there are three options to choose from. These are the S60 Destiny, the S60 Interaction, and the S60 R-Design, each of which boasts many of the same features, such as fantastic suspension, smooth steering, an easier gear shifting system, and innovative entertainment, navigation, and safety systems. However, of these three cars, each also boasts some unique features – it’s these that will help you to determine which model is the best fit for your family. For a family-friendly car, the S60 R-Design is probably the best option as it combines comfort and performance seamlessly.

Out of all the Volvo ranges on the market, the most family-friendly ones are probably the XC90 and V90 because of the size of them – these are the two largest Volvos currently on the market, as well as two of the most innovative ones. They’re smart and stylish, offer plenty of legroom and space for storing items in transit, such as prams, suitcases, and even pets, they incorporate all of the most innovative safety features, and are made to be child-friendly, with some incredible ideas aimed at making life easier for parents.

There’s no doubt about it, Volvos make the most amazing family cars. The only issue is that there is a wide variety of models to choose from, all of which boasts different designs and features.

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