What You’ll Wish You Knew About Opening An Auto Shop


If you’ve got the expertise, the experience, and the funding to open your own auto shop, then you have the potential to get into a most lucrative business. Everyone with a car needs a mechanic, after all. But just having those resources alone isn’t enough. Just like every business, there are a few industry home truths worth learning that, when ignored, can pose a real danger of shutting you down before you even really have the chance to get running.


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It’s all location, location, location

Where there are people, there are going to be cars. But where there are cars, there’s a good chance there will also be mechanics already setting up shop. When choosing a location for your business, make sure you keep competition in mind. If the volume of the market is big enough, you could set up right beside them and have no trouble attracting customers. However, if you’re competing for a less dense market, it’s best to choose another location that’s convenient, easy-to-reach, and closer to customers that aren’t already near an auto shop.

You need to lock down your supply early

Whether you’re running an auto shop, a glass repair shop, a body detailing store or anything else, you need to have a steady supply rolling by the time your doors open up. Whether it’s sourcing parts from manufacturers, equipment from auto body tools suppliers or anyone else, if you don’t have the supplier-business relationship set up, you could find yourself without the resources you need to actually keep the business up and running. Every business should have a backup supplier, too. After all, existing suppliers might have their own supply chain issues or might have to close up, whether permanently or temporarily. Always have a backup plan.

Trust is crucial

You need to be more than good at repairing autos. You have to be reliable, trustworthy, and worth your customers time. When people are looking at more affordable ways to fix up their cars, for instance, it’s because the mechanics around them overcharge. It can be tempting to earn more on every job by finding opportunities to throw on additional costs and charges or unnecessary fixes, but it’s a lot more profitable in the long-term to build the trust that guarantees repeat customers.

Marketing is not optional

Regardless of where you are, nowadays, online marketing is a crucial tool for your repair shop. You have to be visible to your market, and more and more of them are turning to the internet to help them find the services near them. When you offer the same kinds of services as the other businesses around you, it’s often the brand that makes the deciding factor in the eyes of the consumer. Don’t treat marketing like it’s just an aside to the real business. Invest time and money into making your brand as professional and as easy-to-see as possible.

If you start an auto repair shop without taking the above considerations in mind, you are setting yourself up for a fall. Get as best prepared as possible before you start your venture.

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