What To Do Immediately After A Car Crash



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The shock of being in a car accident can cause many to not think clearly. However, it’s important to take precautions afterwards to avoid further damage financially and physically. If you’ve just been involved in a crash – here are the actions you should take to ensure that you’re back on the road safe and sound in no time.

Inform your insurance company

At the site of the accident, you should have taken insurance details, unless it’s a case of hit and run (in which case you should call the police first!). You should then aim to notify your insurance company, even if you don’t initially plan to make a claim. Many insurance companies have a 48 hour policy – if your accident isn’t reported to them within that window of time, you will not be eligible to make a claim. Informing your insurance company straight after the crash is also important so that all the details are fresh in your head. You should take photos there and then to help with your claim (if you can take a photo at the scene of the accident, this could also prove indisputable evidence).

Get a medical check

Obviously this should be the first thing to worry about if you’re suffering severe injuries. However if a mild ache or pain is all you’re suffering, you should still get it checked out by a doctor. Common injuries such as whiplash can be debilitating and you don’t want to make them worse by ignoring them. Note that you may also be entitled to compensation for your injury in some circumstances. There are many solicitors (check out http://www.dodgejones.com as an example) that specialise in this field.

Get a quote from a mechanic

You can approach a mechanic before or after making a claim. Some insurance companies may want you to have a quote in place whilst making a claim, so that they know how much to pay out. However, a quote should be the furthest you go at this point. Shop around for different rates by reading online reviews, asking friends and family and physically visiting various garages and getting them to run diagnostics.

Wait until your insurance company pays up before repairing

It’s important to wait until your claim has been approved before making repairs. Your insurance company may want extra last minute photo evidence of the damage. If you have already made the repairs, you will not be able to provide this.

You can tape up any damage in the meantime or replace broken window with plastic sheets, but should avoid doing any DIY repairs at all costs. Even if you are a mechanic yourself, wait until you have your insurance money before shelling out on tools and spare parts.

Some insurance claims can take a while to process so be patient and consider investing in a hire car in the meantime. Alternatively, you can save money by trying out public transport or by asking for lifts. Remember that it is only a temporary solution – a hire car could be unnecessary money spent.

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