The Three Steps Your Engine Is Begging You To Take


We all love our cars, don’t we? They make life easier and afford us all the freedom we could dream of. Yet, we often fail to realize which part of our vehicles is most important. We all care about how our cars look, whether they’re clean, sparkling, and dressed to impress. In truth, though, the outer appearance of your vehicle is the least important part. If you want to get down to what really keeps your car running, you need to look a little deeper. That’s right; we’re talking the engine. This neglected aspect of your vehicle is what you have to thank for every journey you take. As such, it’s about time you started treating yours with the respect it deserves. Here are a few tips about how.


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First, you need to know how your engine should look. Every car owner needs to check under the bonnet occasionally. But, if you don’t know what you’re seeing, you’re missing the point. You’re not checking to see whether your engine’s still there. You should already know that much. The purpose of looking at your engine is to see if there are any problems. You need to notice if anything is out of place, or if something looks like it’s starting to wear. If you’ve been playing lip service to your engine checks until now, it’s time to get serious. Get out your car manual and research how things should look. If it makes things easier, you could look online for picture guides. Once you know everything’s in working order, it might be worth taking a picture which you can refer to next time.


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Few things are as essential to your engine’s smooth running as your oil. We all know we need to have enough of the stuff, but we also need to change it at regular intervals. Not changing your oil could cause major damage to your engine parts, and lead to significant problems down the line. How often this is necessary depends on your engine, but your manual should tell you about this, too! See, there is a reason cars come with those weighty tomes!

Speaking of oil changes, it may also be worth changing the type of oil you use. As this article explains, synthetic motor oil is a much better choice for engine longevity. Though, you’ll still need to ensure you change it often!


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Despite your best efforts, your engine will suffer from wear and tear over time. If you spot this problem, it’s important to replace parts before you find yourself in trouble. Depending on what needs doing, you may be able to replace parts yourself. If you have any doubts, though, don’t hesitate to call on a mechanic to do the work for you. And, whatever you do, don’t ignore signs of wear. While the issue may not be critical when you spot it, it will soon develop if you don’t take action.

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