The Mountune M400 Is Here For The Focus RS – But Are Upgrade Packs Worth It?




Upgrade packs have been around for awhile now, with their popularity proving a beneficial extra revenue stream for the industry even after a car has been sold. It’s easy to see the reasons why upgrade packs have become popular:

  • They offer new features and innovations, which might not have been available to the buyer at the time of purchase. This ensures that rather than waiting for improvements the next time you buy a car, you can stay up to date without having to change your vehicle. Given the fact that we’re keeping our cars for longer than ever before, upgrade packs are a viable way of keeping up to speed with new innovations.
  • They are a way of making your car more exciting again. Once that new car smell has worn off and you’ve driven a few thousand miles, your car just begins to be… your car. An upgrade pack can increase excitement and offer a different experience.
  • If your car has an issue that has been irritating you, there’s a good chance the latest upgrade pack is going to be able to fix it for you.

The latest in the long line of upgrades available comes to the ever-popular Ford Focus, this time the RS version. The Ford Focus is one of Ford’s most popular models ever, with a huge number of both new and secondhand owners who buy after eyeing a Focus for sale from Bob Gillingham Ford. With so many Fords on the road – and the RS model already popular – was there really a need for an upgrade?

It seems Ford believe so. The new pack was revealed at Ford’s Fair and features an impressive array of new features. For the money, you’ll get:

  • A fettled ECU.
  • A high-flow induction kit.
  • A new air filter.
  • A power bump from 345bhp to 370bhp.
  • A car with the upgrade will now be faster than a Porsche 911 (basic models)
  • Worryingly, it doesn’t look like the upgrade is going to be covered by the Ford warranty; so if you install it, your existing warranty is no longer valid.

Impressive as all of this sounds, it’s not without cost, which will be around $4,000. It’s a nice bundle of features, but is it enough to justify the pack – and is any upgrade pack worth it?

The Answer Is… It Depends

If you’re not planning to buy another car anytime soon, then an upgrade pack is a good option. You’ll get new features which will lead to a more exciting driving experience; the new RS upgrade includes a Dyno mode, for example. If you decide to sell the car, the upgrade will probably be a big selling point that can help you at least cover the costs of your investment.

The warranty issue, however, is the kicker. No one needs an upgrade pack if the car is already functional, so this is a matter to be judged on whether or not you want it enough. Invalidating your warranty is a big step, so you have to be certain you’re happy to do that before you consider any upgrade pack. Always check with the manufacturer and see where you will stand, and you should at least be able to make an informed decision.

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