The Lap Of Luxury: The Very Best Luxury Coupes Rated


Is it really possible to balance luxury and practicality? This is a question that has plagued many car owners for years. It’s often been assumed that if you wanted a luxury car, then you were going to have to sacrifice some degree of practicality, whether that’s space, the number of doors, or anything else. Well, the good news is that that is far from being the case. The luxury coupé is a fantastic balance between the sleek, low profile design of a luxury car and the everyday practicality of a four-door car. But which one should you go for? Here’s a list of some of the best luxury coupés available.

BMW 4-Series


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BMW unveiled their 2017 4-series model in January with a brand new look at some exciting new upgrades, but that doesn’t mean that the older models of the 4-Series aren’t still fantastic. The 4-series offers a truly unique experience for you as a driver. It’s low centre of gravity, and high body stiffness means that cornering is as effortless and smooth as hitting long stretches on the open road. While it might not be as sleek as the 2017 model something like the 2015 BMW 428i xDrive is still one of the best used cars that you can buy if you’re looking for that wonderful experience.

Volkswagen CC


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True style never goes out of fashion, and the VW CC is a clear example of that. Based on one of older models of the Passat, there was a risk that this coupé would start to feel a little dated, but it’s smooth curves, and simple design means that the CC looks as good today as it ever has. Not only that but it’s pretty hard to beat the CC for sheer comfort. The ride is so smooth and comfortable you’ll want to take it for a spin just because!

Audi A5


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The A5 is the closest thing to a competitor that the 4-series has. In terms of practicality, it’s just as great, with plenty of room within its hatchback form. The only problem is that it just doesn’t quite have that same thrill when you’re actually behind the wheel. It’s not the most exciting car, but it’s refined design and luxurious feel make it a serious contender.

Mercedes-Benz CLS


Picture From Wikimedia

This is it, the originator. The CLS is that car that jump started the trend for luxury four-door coupés and remains one of the most popular to this day. It’s the standard that a lot of four-door coupés are held to, and a lot of that comes down to it’s sleek, elegant design. Of course, looks can only get you so far. Luckily the CLS is tight and responsive with its four-cylinder engine allowing it to get from 0-62mph it 8.3 seconds.

Each of these luxury coupés has something to recommend it. The 4-series is probably still the best of the bunch, especially with its new 2017 models. Of course, the only way to know which one is right for you is to get out and give them each a test drive.

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