The Essentials You Need to Check When Buying a Used Car


Buying a used car is often the best choice for a new driver. In fact, however long you’ve been driving, it could be argued that a used car is still the best option. However, it isn’t as simple as seeing a car you like and buying it straight away. There’s a lot you need to check. Here are some of the essentials you need to look at before making any commitment to buy.




Insuring your new car is crucial and must be done before you drive it. However, if you are a new driver your insurance premiums can be expensive and which car you chose could affect the costs massively. Check out Amistad Insurance Services for some advice and compare quotes for different vehicles.


While paintwork isn’t critical to the running of the car or the most important thing to check, it’s certainly worth having a look at. Paint repairs and touch-ups can be expensive, and you want your new car to look great. Paintwork is also a key indicator of how well the car has been looked after. Just think, if the things you can see don’t look great, what is there that you can’t see?

Under the Hood



When it comes to looking under the hood, you want to check the fluid levels and also the level of dirt and grime under their caps as well as making sure everything is in the right place and showing no signs of damage.


Have a walk around the car, check that the tires show only normal wear and tear and that there is good tread depth. Make sure the door panels join correctly and that there aren’t any noticeable dents in the exterior.

In the Cabin



Inside the car, you will want to check the electrics. The best way to do this is to try everything. Turn the radio on, use the screen wipers, roll the windows down and activate on the heating. Press every button there is to make sure it’s in full working order.


When buying a used car, you need to make sure it has the correct documents before the sale goes through. You’ll need the car registration details and MOT certificates. You should also make sure the car and license plate match those on the registration documents and that you are buying from its registered keeper if it’s a private sale.


Ask about the car’s history and make sure there are records of any work that has been done. You want MOT certificates, service reports, invoices from any other work and insurance forms from any claims made. Check to make sure any issues brought up on the MOT have been fixed since. If they haven’t, it should be reflected in the asking price.


Both cabin and trunk space are incredibly important. They might not seem it, but imagine making a long journey is a car you haven’t got space to stretch out in. While you are checking the electrics, adjust the seats and make sure you have plenty of space for comfort. When it comes to the trunk, it depends on what you need. Do you have a family? Do you travel a lot? Or will your trunk only ever be used for the shopping?

Buying a used car is incredibly exciting. But, don’t get carried away. Carry out these checks to make sure your new car doesn’t turn out to be a waste of money that needs replacing or expensive repair worth in a few months.

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