The Driver’s Phonebook: Good Numbers To Have On The Road


Driving a car has long been considered a dangerous game. Unfortunately, however hard you work to be safe, you can’t control what other people do. Instead, you simply have to trust others on the road. It’s unlikely that you’ll die on the road. But, it’s also unlikely that you’ll never experience issues throughout your driving career, too. Most people get into little bumps or scuffs at some point. And, dealing with this situation is just a matter of knowing who to call.


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Even a small accident can make a car unsafe or unsuitable for the road. In a lot of cases, radiators get damaged in small accidents. This makes it very hard for the engine to stay cool, causing the potential for overheating. You should be ready with the number for a local auto repair shop, long before you ever hit the road. This will ensure that your car is safe before you drive. And, it will help you to resolve the issue before it becomes much larger.

Of course, though, not all repair shops will be able to move your car for you. And even if they can, their towing service might not be the cheapest. It’s not considered rude to have your car towed to the shop yourself. Plus, this is a great way to have more control over the whole ordeal. Towing companies can be found everywhere, with their services costing an array of different prices. Talk to friends and family to find the very best company near you. And always keep the number handy.

In the event of a collision on the road, most experts will tell you to seek medical aid if you sustain any injuries at all. This is to help you in court if you ever try to claim compensation for the accident. Most countries have non-emergency equivalents to their regular emergency service numbers. Using a number like this, you can call an ambulance without having to disturb the network designed for people in critical need of help. Take a look at your government’s websites to find the best number to call.


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The last number on this list could either be two or one, depending on how well your insurance covers you. Most insurance companies will ask to know as soon as possible about any accidents you’re in. So, it could be critical that you call them straight away. Along with insurance, a lot of people will choose to contact legal help when they are in an accident. Of course, this could be covered by your insurance, but it’s still worth being aware of the options you have to help you.

Hopefully, this post will help you to start handling your accidents as they happen. Knowing who to call in this sort of situation can make the whole thing a lot easier. You don’t have to deal with the unknown, taking away a lot of stress. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting something because you already know exactly what you have to do. Most people benefit greatly from this sort of effort. So, it’s worth putting the work in for yourself.

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