The Best Countries To Roadtrip Through In A Car


It’s something a lot of us find ourselves itching to do: go on a roadtrip. Now this can be for the experience alone, the need to spend some time away, or for a good old soul search. Yet some countries have better road tripping opportunities than others when it comes to living out of a car for a few weeks or months. Listed below are top examples of such countries.




This is a good starting trip if you’re new to the idea and want a good experience of how it is to live out of a car. Ireland has an ancient history full of folklore that’s just ripe for discovering. It’s one of the best countries to explore in a car due to the more condensed area, meaning you’ll miss out if you don’t have a reliable transport option. One of the best sights to visit is the Giant’s Causeway along the coastal route.

The US-Of-A

The USA is huge, there’s no doubt about that. There are so many worthwhile areas to travel through in America, such as up to the Grand Canyon, to the far reaches of Alaska, and up and down the Miami Beaches. It’s especially good for travelling with a car through due to open roads and multiple pit stop areas. It’s also a safer country to drive through, with places like the US more likely to have accessible help after an accident, and better regulation over road safety and codes. Being able to say you travelled the famous Route 66, or even through the entire country is a great conversation starter, and definitely something you’ll be able to look back on fondly.

New Zealand

Travelling through New Zealand will provide you with some of the best views you’ll see in a lifetime. The variance amongst the landscape is best seen via car due to how quickly it can change. New Zealand has less of an available transport system, so having your own transport is a must for visiting.

Eastern Africa

Driving through Africa is a great option for more seasoned travellers who like a bit of a challenge. Strictly speaking, this isn’t a country. However, a drive down East Africa will allow you to hit round about 10 countries in one trip! Travelling through East Africa in a car will feel a lot like the safari you see on television, as many of the animals we stereotype as part of this region live and graze there. This kind of road trip will take you a little longer than the traditional month even in a car, but it’s well worth the time to see the jungles. Try to get your car registered to operate in Kenya if you want the perfect starting point.

Being able to drive is a conduit to experiencing the outside world. But most of all, when planning to travel with a car know what driving regulations there are in each country to stay safe on the road and not obstruct any locals.

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