The Best Audi Quattros On The Used Market


In recent years, Audi’s reputation has flourished for their high-performance cars packed with technology and the latest motoring innovations. Believe it or not, when it was first making ground in the 70s it was considered poor in the grand scheme of German car companies. The higher-ups at Audi knew they needed to grab everyone’s attention, and in 1980 they landed on the design that would be the answer to their prayers; the Quattro. This gorgeous coupé was one of the first models to introduce the general public to four-wheel drive, despite the fact that it was intended to win the world rally championship. While some of these preliminary models have since been made obsolete, they can still be a fantastic choice for people currently in the used market. If you’re interested in a Quattro, here are some of the best that have ever been released.

Audi Quattro


Image: Wikimedia

It’s only natural that I kick this list off with the car that started it all; the original 1980 Quattro. This was first released as a left-hand drive, but within two years the success of the Quattro was so massive that they began shipping to the UK in a right-hand form. Just as it had in Germany, the car completely exploded over here, and if you get the chance to drive one of these you’ll see exactly why! When properly maintained, the five-cylinder engine performs like a dream, the handling is well-balanced, and the steering is even more responsive than some modern Audis! Driving this down a sweeping, country road is a real pleasure, and surprising when you consider how old the vehicle is! Although the look of the seats and instruments makes the car seem a little too old, it’s very spacious and comfortable no matter where you’re sitting. The first Quattros were kitted out with a 2.1, turbocharged five-cylinder engine, which was upgraded to a 2.2 in 1987, and was finally given a 20-valve cylinder head in 1989. If you’re wondering, that entire curve took the Quattro from 197 to 220bhp. These days, the original line of Quattros are all prestigious classics, and ones that have been kept in good condition are steadily appreciating in value. Obviously, cars released in the 80s are very hard to come by now, but that’s not to say the odd one doesn’t pop up in used dealerships like Spire Automotive. Furthermore, many of them have knackered fuel pumps, suspension and other components. However, if you’re able to get friendly with an owner’s club, tracking down replacement parts isn’t all that difficult.

Audi A6 All Road

If you were looking for something a little more practical, then the A6 All Road could be the Quattro for you. This is a versatile family car, and a pretty nice alternative to those hulking SUVs and people carriers some people use! As the name suggests, this is a real go-anywhere car. Audi beefed up the steering and suspension for use on snow and muddy, uneven terrain. It comes with permanent four-wheel drive, sits much higher than many of its competitors, and has some very nice styling features, making it more of an off-roader than a city car. If you’re going to start scouring the dealerships for one of these, I strongly suggest you target the second generation rather than the first. While the first All Road’s steering was a little jerky at times, the second line was much easier to drive. This is mainly due to the air-suspension system that was added in. this feature helps the All Road really live up to its name; you’ll be able to glide right over even the most treacherous dirt tracks. While this is good enough for most drivers, you can go one better with the 3.0 TDI version. This will give you a lot more power and torque compared to similar 3-litres, not to mention getting a brilliant 38mpg. Although the All Road will perform beautifully on rugged terrain, it makes a pretty functional road car as well. There’s more than enough space for five, and the boot offers you a whopping 565 litres of space. This more than doubles when you fold all the back seats down. Whether you need something that won’t let you down in the country or just a great runner for your day-to-day life, the All Road is definitely a Quattro to consider.

Audi RS4 Avant


Image: Wikimedia

This is the best Quattro for the car-nut who’s owned nothing but supercars, and now needs to find something more practical. The RS4 Avant offers everything you’d need for a practical family car, without losing the charm and excitement of a high-performance model. Sometimes called the B7 Generation model, the RS4 marks a time when “Quattro” really became a prestigious name. Its predecessors had been fantastic to drive, but had lacked some of the techiness and practicality that some of its competitors had in buckets. The RS4 changed that forever. The 4.2 Litre V8 in the Avant is an absolute monster, which begs for revs and purrs like music. Furthermore, the chassis was a lot more well-balanced compared to some of the older, more front-heavy Audis. This car was also fitted with all-weather security, something that a lot of its contemporary competitors were lacking. If you’re driving a car that turns you into a nervous wreck by the end of a Sunday morning drive. It also had a big change from the previous models of the RS4, which feels like it was made especially for us Brits – a manual gearbox! The high-quality engine, combined with a Dynamic Ride Control feature, made it exceptionally popular among critics. However, I’ve heard more than a few owners complain about both of these features. If you’re planning on buying an RS4 Avant, make sure to get a full, detailed service history before putting an offer down.

Audi S8


Image: Wikimedia

This one’s for when you want a taste of Audi’s suave, luxurious sedans that they’re so famous for, but you don’t want to splash out on the latest models. When you look at the sheer character coming off this car, it’s not hard to see why they used it in 1998’s Ronin. This is a car which almost feels like it was designed for espionage and other exciting things none of us get up to. Its long, low body and sleek interior make it feel seem more like a limo than a sports car, and yet it’s got everything you could want under the hood. The 4.2 litre V8 is a real thing of beauty, and can take the car up to 155mph. Safety first, remember! The fluent handling of the chassis also gives the S8 that little extra bit that makes it such an enjoyable drive. Obviously though, you’re not going to spend your whole life cruising down empty B roads! When you need to relax, its automatic gearbox, seats that are reminiscent of recliners, and sophisticated interior make this a great car for the drive home. This was based on the A8, another very Bond-like sedan. This predecessor had an aluminium body, which means the S8 is far lighter than a lot of its rivals. Despite all this, the S8 carries a few of its own weaknesses. These days, they usually go for under £5,000, a complete steal. However, there’s a fair chance it will have worn brake pads, jerky suspension, and engine components that could be on a downhill slope. The good news is that rust almost certainly won’t be an issue! Overall, a good S8 wills still give you years of enjoyable driving.

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