Tell-Tale Signs You Need A New Car


There are some people who love to hold on to their cars forever, and those people should be applauded. But for the vast majority of individuals, keeping an old car running is just too expensive and impractical. Sure, you can keep your car going past the 300,000-mile mark, but there comes a time when it needs to be scrapped and you need to move on.

Check out these top signs that you need a new car.

The Car Interior Is Crumbling

Most people think that it’s only car engines that have a shelf life. But take a quick look in any old car, and you’ll see that interiors are just as susceptible to decay. In extreme cases, the entire floor can fall off, allowing passengers to see the road going by underneath.


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Serious interior problems include holes in the floor, ripped fabrics on seats, sunroofs that leak water, crumbling door handles and electronics, like electric windows, which refuse to work.

Your Friends And Family Are Embarrassed By You

The car you drive, for better or worse, says a lot about you. It tells everybody about your level of income and how you live. So if you notice your friends and family aren’t so keen to share a ride with you, it could be because of your car.

One of the reasons people go to those who claim “we buy junk cars” is because their cars look so bad. Often owners become immune to the way that their car looks because they see it everyday. But regular buyers are less keen, especially if the doors are a different color or the interior is falling to bits.

Your Car Doesn’t Pass An Emissions Test


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The environmental friendliness of cars has improved a lot over the last couple of decades thanks to technology to the point where many modern cars are putting out less than 100 g C02/km. Older cars, in general, don’t tend to be as efficient, and as they age, they become less so.

The problem with this is that, after a certain point, they begin to fail emissions tests. This, in turn, means that drivers have to spend lots of money to get special kits added to their cars which reduce emissions down to acceptable levels. Sometimes a car will be refused to take an admissions test, in which case motorists need to spend big bucks getting it to drive cleaner.

Your Gas Prices Keep Going Up

Pump Fuel Pumping Gas Station Industry Gas

Pump Fuel Pumping Gas Station Industry Gas

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If you’re still driving a car from the 1990s, there’s a good chance you’re spending a lot more money than you did back then at the pump. Not only have taxes on fuel gone up considerably since then, but your engine no longer burns fuel as efficiently as it once did, thanks to general wear and tear. This loss of efficiency means that you’re probably spending a lot more on fuel that your neighbor who owns a Toyota Prius. As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself filling up more than twice a week, there’s a good chance your engine is shot and it’s time for a new car.

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