Taking On Mother Nature On Two-Wheels



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Oh, man. You have no idea how much fun you are about to have. Off-roading on two-wheels has the rare ability to double your heart rate in under five seconds. No police, no rules, no speed limits and no pavements to hit. Just you versus the undefeated beast that is mother nature. Oh, yeah, riding on the dirt is completely different to cruising along the street.

It doesn’t matter whether this is your third time in the saddle or consider yourself to be a pro on terrafirma that has conquered America’s best rides, these tips will help you enjoy the off-road much more. Whether you’re heading into the dirt, canyons, silt or desert; these tips will be your best friend.

A Clutch For All Occasions

Throttle control and clutch use is the key to mastering the off-road. The problem is, you never stay in one position for long when on dirt – you go from standing to sitting to crouching – which is why you need to adjust your clutch and make it possible for two-finger use.

Lean Back And Speed Up

When you’re on the road, slowing down is safer. You’re on a heavy bike surrounded by bigger cars. Slowing up makes sense. But when you are in the thick stuff – silt, sand, whatever – on a light bike, your best bet is applying the throttle to stay stable. Lean back to give you bike extra traction and you’re done.

Have Everything You Need

The moment you head off into the middle of nowhere, you leave all luxuries behind. You have no cell service and no AAA service. You also have more hazards to contend with. So pack all the tools you may need, speak to solo moto parts about parts you may need (especially steering stabilizers), add a large capacity fuel tank to your bike and learn how to repair a puncture.


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Look Where You Are Going

When you’re in the belly of the beast and surrounded by hazards, it can be all too tempting to focus on where you don’t want to go instead of where you want to go. It’s a nuance that can prevent a big ass problem. So, instead of looking at the boulders and bears you don’t want to collide with, turn your head to where you want to go and let your bike follow suit.

Lead The Pack

Chances are, you are riding with a pack of others. It makes sense. You’re going into the danger zone. So, when you are riding up front and leading the way, you need to make sure you are leading those behind you away from trouble and warning them of any obstacles that might be in your path. What’s more, make sure everyone plays their role no matter where they are in the queue.

Lean Forward When Turning

It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but in order to get more traction in the corners, you are going to want to shift as much of your body weight over the front wheel as possible. More weight, more control in the corners. It will also make it easier to initiate that slide and who doesn’t want to do that?

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