Small Iconic Cars That Are Still Going Strong


It’s very rare to see cars become icons that are able to be recognized around the world. No matter where you’re from, and the language you speak, you can transcend these boundaries and share the love of some cars. Truly iconic cars have a magic about them, that other models just cannot come close to. It’s a mysterious part of the human psyche, which somehow connects with a fantastically styled piece of metal and moving parts which have no life running through them. It’s the joy of these cars that have them still standing strong and fighting for their acclaimed spot in the history books no longer because they’ve already achieved it. Strangely, the most famous cars aren’t what you’d expect. They’re not loud, shouty things that a particular ex-Top Gear presenter would drive around and say ‘power’ in. They come from humble backgrounds, and perhaps that’s why they’re so loved.


Source – Thomas doerfer

The Italian job

The film that shot British car manufacturing onto the world stage, The Italian Job. It was about a pack of rough and tumble individuals, who banded together to steal gold bullion from under the nose of the Italian authorities in broad daylight. Although when the classic 1960s Mini cooper came out, it was small, it’s gone through a transformation in modern times. It’s no wonder the Mini is still a popular choice because it’s built with quality in mind and can be tried for around £150 a month. You can get a 4-door version which is great for a summer road trip adventure, or a trip down to the beach for the weekend. Although twice the size of the original, the design is sleek and stylish, perfect for city life and parking up in the countryside, and not looking out of place.

Hatchback of hatchbacks

Another car which is still going strong is the Golf GTI. It came out in the mid-70s and took the car scene by storm. Finally, an affordable car for the family could morph itself into a speedy little devil on the weekend when you wanted to experience the sensation of fast cornering and sharp acceleration. The modern variants may have gotten a little wider, a bit heavier but still, have that ability to excite you when you put your foot down. Now the top engines are turbocharged and can spit out around 250bhp from their small 2.0-liter engines. The styling has perhaps been the biggest change because originally it looked like a box on wheels. The modern variant is slick back, and the aerodynamic prowess begins from the tip of the bonnet, slithering all the way back to the rear number plate.


Image by – Pava, Milano

It’s so European

You can’t go driving around Europe in any other car, than a FIAT 500. This little monster first arrived in the late 1950s with the sole purpose of giving consumers a chance to own a car, without having to fork out half their salary for the year. It has a profoundly weak engine, but since it weighed just half a ton, all that mattered was that it could keep 30-40mph as it whipped through the city and narrow country lanes. Nowadays it’s a little larger but now boasts a 110bhp turbocharged engine while now weighing just less than 1 ton.

These cars all came from humble backgrounds, but still roam the earth with great pride. Consumers still love these icons because they offer anyone the joy of driving while remaining affordable.

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